Fire In The Rain

Choregraphie par :  Hayley Wheatley  & David Hoyn

Description :            32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Mars 2017

Musique :                 Fire In The Rain par Mans Zelmerlow

Start : 16 Count Intro, Start On Vocal

(1-8) Walk Back Right,Left,Right,Left, Right Coaster Step, Step Pivot ½ Turn Right, Step (Chase Turn),
1, 2        Walking Back Right, Left
3,4         Walking Back Right, Left
5&6        Step Right Back, Step Left Next To Right (&), Step Right Fwd
7&8        Step Left Forward, Pivot ½ Turn Right Taking Weight on Right (&), Step Forward On Left (6 O’Clock)

(9-16) Bump Hips R,L,R, Bump Hips L,R,L, Step Forward, Kick, Ball Step Out, Step Out
1&2        Touch Right Toe Forward Bump Hips Right,Left,Right As You Step Forward On Right
3&4        Touch Left Toe Forward Bump Hips Left,Right,Left As You Step Forward On Left
5, 6         Step Forward on Right Foot, Kick Left Foot Forward
& 7,8       Step Back Onto Ball Of Left Foot (&), Step Right Foot Out To Right Side, Step Left Foot Out To Left Side
Choreographers note: On every wall (excluding the “restart” walls), also step back slightly on count 8 and angle body to the left.
This will make the transition into section 3 feel more smooth.

(17-24) Cross, Side, Right Sailor Step, Jazz Box With ¼ Turn L, Toe Touch
1, 2        Cross Step Right Over Left, Step Left To Left Side
3&4        Step Right Behind Left, Step Left out to Left, Step Right to Right
5, 6        Step Left Over Right, Step Back On Right,
7, 8        Step Fwd on left making ¼ turn left, Touch Right Toe Forward (3 O’Clock)

(25-32) Toe Touch, Ball Step, Shuffle Forward, Skates Forward R,L, STOMP, CLAP, STOMP CLAP
&1&2      Step Right Next To Left (&), Touch Left Toe Fwd, Step Left next to Right (&), Walk forward on Right
3&4        Step Left Forward, Step Right Next To Left, Step Forward On Left
5.6         Skate Forward on Right, Skate Forward on Left
7&8&      Stomp Forward on Right, Clap Hands, Stomp Forward Left, Clap Hands (Weight Finishes on Left facing 9 O’Clock)

Start Again

Restart On:-
#2nd Wall After 16 Counts
#4th Wall After 16 Counts

I Hope You All Enjoy The Dance
See You All On The Dance Floor

Contacts: Hayley Wheatley (UK) & David Hoyn (Australia)



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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