Footloose – New Version

Choregraphie par :  Karolina  ULLENSTAV

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Février 2018

Musique :                   Blake Shelton – Footloose (length: 3:39)

Restarts: in wall 6 after 12 counts, in wall 9 after 24 counts, in wall 12 after 28 counts and in wall 14 after 28 counts.
You can clearly hear the restarts in the music!

Intro: 64 counts, BPM 174

Section 1: Steps back and kick forward, coaster step, scuff
1      RF step back (facing 12.00)
2      LF kick forward
3      LF step back
4      RF kick forward
5      RF step back
6      LF step beside RF
7      RF step forward
8      LF scuff beside RF

Section 2: Steps forward, scuff, step turn ½ left, stomp and clap
1      LF step forward
2      RF step beside LF
3      LF step forward
4      RF scuff beside LF
5      RF step forward
6      Turn ½ left on ball of LF ending with weight on LF (facing 06.00)
7      RF stomp beside LF
8      Clap

Section 3: Heel and toe swivels right and left with claps
1      Twist RF heel and LF heel right
2      Twist RF toe and LF toe right
3      Twist RF heel and LF heel right
4      Clap
5      Twist RF heel and LF heel left
6      Twist RF toe and LF toe left
7      Twist RF heel and LF heel left
8      Clap

Section 4: Steps diagonally forward and back with touch and claps, monterey with a ¼ turn right
1      RF step diagonally forward right
2      LF touch behind RF and clap
3      LF step diagonally back left
4      RF touch in front of LF and clap
5      RF point step right
6      LF turn ¼ right on ball and step RF beside LF ending with weight on RF (facing 09.00)
7      LF point step left
8      LF step beside RF

Have Fun!





Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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