Choregraphie par :    Citified Country Fran

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Avril 2017

Musique :                  Goodbye » by ‘Who is Fancy?

Alt. music:-
“That’s the Thing About Love” by Don Williams
“Hot Hot Hot” by Buster Pointdexter – “Hips” by Shakira

Lindy R & Lindy L (Shuffle side – Rock – Step)
1&2-3-4    Shuffle side R – Rock back L – Recover onto R
5&6-7-8    Shuffle side L – Rock back R – Recover onto L

Kick – Ball – Point R & L (Kick & Point)
1&2          Kick R forward – Land onto R – Point L to side L
3&4          Lick L forward – Land onto L – Point R to side R

Sailors R & L (Behind – side – apart)
5&6          Swing R behind L – Step L to L side – Step R apart
7&8          Swing L behind R – Step R to R side – Step L apart

Jazz Jumps with Claps (add a Shimmy to the jump!)
&1-2        Jump forward RL – Clap
&3-4        Jump back RL – Clap

Side – Heel – Step – Step
&5&6       Step side R – Tap L Heel diagonally L – Step L at Home – Step R together
&7&8       Step side L – Tap R Heel diagonally R – Step R at Home – Step L together

2 Half-turn Pivots (or R Rocking Chair if Pivots make you dizzy)
1-2-3-4   Step forward R – Pivot ½ L onto L (2 times)

Monterey ¼ turn R (Touch – Step – Touch – Step)
5            Touch R to R side
6            Step R at Home while pivoting ¼ R on ball of Left foot
7-8         Touch L to L side – Step L next to R

Note: When dancing to “Goodbye” make a Half-Turn Monterey at the end to face Front and strike a pose !



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