Fresh Eyes

Choregraphie par :   Amy  GLASS

Description :            32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Août 2016

Musique :                 Fresh Eyes par Andy GRAMMER

Dance starts (almost immediately) on the lyric “Fresh”.
Restart: Wall 9 after 16 counts (facing 3:00 wall)

[1-9] Side R, Close, Side, Together, Together, Side, Together, Together, 1/4 R, Triple Forward
123      Step RF to R, Close LF next to RF, Step RF to R
4&5      Step LF next to RF, Step RF in place, Step LF to L
6&7      Step RF next to LF, Step LF in place, Turn 1/4 R stepping forward on RF (3:00)
8&1      Triple forward L, R, L

[10-17] Cross Rock, Recover, Side, Close, Snake R, Snake L, R Coaster
2-3       Cross Rock RF over LF, Recover weight on LF
4&        Step RF to R, Close LF next to RF
5-6       Snake body roll to R, Weight should finish on the R (in the hip) while touching LF to L side
7          Snake body roll to L (keep weight in L hip)
8&1      Step back on RF, Close LF next to RF, Step forward on RF
Restart: Wall 9 (Start the dance facing 12:00). Dance first 16 counts (instrumental portion).
Restart the dance facing 3:00 wall after R coaster step

[18-25] Rock Forward, Recover, Back, Lock, 1/4 L, Cross, 1/4 L, Side Rock Cross
2-3       Rock forward on LF, Recover weight on RF
4&5      Step back on LF, Lock RF over LF, Turn 1/4 L Stepping LF to L side (12:00)
6-7       Cross RF over LF (while starting 1/4 turn L), Finish 1/4 turn L stepping forward on LF (9:00)
8&1      Rock RF to R, Recover weight on LF, Cross RF over LF

[26-32] Full Turn Right, Side Rock Cross, Hip Push/Roll, Side Triple R
2-3       1/4 R Stepping back on LF (12:00), 1/2 R Stepping forward on RF (6:00)
4&5      Complete the full turn while Rocking LF to L, Recover weight on RF, Cross LF over RF (9:00)
6-7       Press on ball of RF to push/roll hips to R, Recover weight on L finishing the hip push/roll
(option flick R heel behind L calf/knee on count 7 when weight on LF)
8&        (1)Triple R (stepping RF to R, close LF next to R, (RF to R side to start the dance again)

Ending: Start the dancing facing 6:00.
Dance the entire wall but on count 1 that would have started on the 3:00 wall, make a 1/4 L and sit back on R to face the 12:00 wall.

Have fun!





Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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