Choregraphie par :  Roy Verdonk (NL) José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) 

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice +, Jnvier 2019

Musique :                  Giant – Calvin Harris & Rag ‘n’ Bone Man

Intro : 64 counts (appr. after 32 counts)

S1: Kick/Ball/Point (2X), Cross, Back, Ball/Cross, Side
1&2      Rf kick forward, Rf step slightly forward (&), Lf point to left
3&4      Lf kick forward, Lf step slightly forward (&), Rf point to right
5-6       Rf cross in front of Lf, Lf step back
&7-8    Rf small step side (&), Lf cross in front of Rf, Rf step side

S2: Full Turn L With Hitches , Cross, 3/4 Turn R With Hold, Ball/Step Forward, Step Forward
1-2       Rf make 1/2 turn left hitching left knee up (6.00), continue rotating another 1/4 turn left on Rf stepping Lf forward (3.00)
3-4       Lf make 1/4 turn left hitching right knee up (12.00), Rf cross in front of Lf
5-6       make 1/4 turn right stepping Lf back and continue rotating another 1/2 turn right (9.00) (weight remains on Lf*), hold
*This can be seen as a hesitation turn R
&7-8    Rf step next to Lf (&), Lf step forward, Rf step forward

S3: Rock/Recover, Coaster Cross, Side, Knee Pop, Ball/Side, Touch Together
1-2       Lf rock forward, recover onto Rf
3&4      Lf step back, Rf step together (&), Lf cross in front of Rf
5&6      Rf step right, pop both knees up (&), stretch legs again (weight ends on Rf)
&7-8    Lf step next to Rf (&), Rf step right, Lf touch next to Rf

S4: 1/4 Turn L , 1/2 Turn L, Shuffle with 1/2 Turn L, 1/4 Turn L, Step With Touches 2 (X)
1-2       make 1/4 turn left stepping Lf forward (6.00), make 1/2 turn left stepping Rf back (12.00)
3&4      make 1/4 turn left stepping Lf side, Rf step together (&), make 1/4 turn left stepping Lf forward (6.00)
5-6       make 1/4 turn left stepping Rf to right, Lf touch together (3.00)
7-8      Lf step left , Rf touch together

Submitted by – Lieke de Leeuw:


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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