Good To Be Alive

Choregraphie par :  Wayne Beazley, Newcastle, Australia

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Mars 2020

Musique :                  « Good to be Alive » by David James. Bpm: 128 ( 3.00 mins), iTunes, Spotify

*1 x Restart (Wall 4 (9 o’clock) – dance first 16 counts, then Restart dance at 3 o’clock wall).

#16 count intro, Start on Vocals. Feet together weight on L. Dance should finish facing front wall.

S 1: Step, Touch, Step, Touch, Rock fwd, Recover, ½ R Shuffle
1234          Step R fwd at diagonal, Touch L tog, Step L fwd at diagonal, Touch R tog
5 6             Rock R fwd, Recover weight on L
7&8           Turn ½ R-Shuffle fwd RLR (6 o’clock)

S 2: Step, Kickball Step, Step, L45, Touch L Tog, Side L, Touch R behind
1                Step L fwd
2&3            Kick R fwd & Step R tog, Step L fwd
4                Step R fwd
5 6             Touch L heel fwd at diagonal L, Touch L toe tog
7 8             Step L to side, Touch R toe behind L

S 3: Side R, L Tog, Side R, L Across, Side Shuffle, Rock L Behind, Recover
1 2             Step R to side, Step L tog
3 4             Step R to side, Step L across R
5&6           Side Shuffle to R
7 8             Rock L behind R, Recover weight on R

S 4: Side L, Kick R Diagonal, Rock R Behind, Recover, R Fwd, Pivot 3/8 L, Full Turn Fwd-Step RL
1 2             Step L to side, Kick R to diagonal R (just a little kick)
3 4             Rock R behind L, Recover weight on L (should be facing 7.30)
5 6             Step R fwd, Pivot 3/8 L (should end up facing 3 o’clock)
7 8             Walk fwd R,L-Turning full turn L (3 o’clock)




Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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