Choregraphie par :      Jeff French (USA)

Description :                 32 temps, 2 murs, Novice, Novembre 2021

Musique :                      U Gurl – Walker Hayes

#16 count intro – restart on wall 3 after 16 counts

Section 1(1-8) Step R, slide L, Kick Ball Cross, Step L, slide R, Rock back, Recover
1,2,3&4            Big step to R, slide/drag L touching next to R, kick L foot at diagonal, step on ball of left foot and cross R over L
5,6,7,8             Big step to L, slide/drag R touching next to L, rock back on R, recover weight to L

Section 2 (9-16)Step forward, ½ turn, Coaster Step, Step forward on L, ½ turn, Anchor Step **
1,2,3&4            Step forward on R, make a ½ turn to R, stepping back on L, step back on R, step L next to R, step forward on R
5,6,7&8            Step forward on L making a ½ turn to R with weight back on R, take small step back on L and shift weight forward R and shift weight back onto L **

Section 3 (17-24) Hip sways (3 times) making ½ turn, Right sailor step
1&2,3&4,5&6    Tap R toe diagonally forward, shift weight over R toe and sway hip, making an 1/8 turn, repeat twice with 8th, on counts 5 & 6 repeat toe touch and hip sway making ¼ turn to complete the ½ turn hip sways
7&8                   Step L foot behind R, step R to R, step L foot to L

Section 4 (25-32) Walk forward R, L, Sugar Push***, Anchor Step**, Kick Ball Cross
1,2,3&4            Walk forward R, walk forward L, step R toe behind L, step L foot back crossing in front of R, step back on R
5&6,7&8           Take small step back on L, shift weight forward to R and shift weight back on L (5&6) with weight on L, kick R foot forward at diagonal, step down on R, cross L foot over R (7&8)

RESTART: On Wall 3, you will begin facing the 12:00 wall, do first 16 counts and restart dance at 12:00

CHOREOGRAHPER NOTES: Some students may not be familiar with some of the WCS steps, on
**Anchor Step, this can be replaced with step, lock, step
***Sugar Push, this can be replaced with coaster step



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