Happily Ever After

Choregraphie par :   Maddison GLOVER

Description :             32 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Janvier 2017

Musique :                  Too Good to Say Goodbye par Bruno Mars

Fwd (Sweep), Cross, Coaster-Cross, Slow ¾ Turn, Fwd, Rock, Recover, Back x2
1,2            Step R fwd whilst sweeping L around clockwise, cross L over R
3&4           Step back on R, step L slightly to L side, cross R over L
5               Step L to L side whilst making a ¾ turn over R (keep weight on L foot and leave R foot extended/ slightly off the floor) Note: this is a slow ¾ turn.
6,7&          Step fwd on R (9:00), rock fwd on L, recover weight back onto R
8&             Step back on L, step back on R

¼ Sway, Recover, Behind, ¼ Fwd, Fwd, Pivot ½, Fwd, Fwd ¼ Sweep, Cross
1,2            Make ¼ turn L stepping/ swaying L to L side, recover weight onto R (6:00)
3&4          Step L behind R, turn ¼ R stepping fwd onto R (9:00), step L fwd
5,6            Pivot ½ turn over R with weights on R (3:00), walk fwd on L
7               Step fwd on R whilst sweeping L around clockwise into a ¼ R (6:00)
8               Cross L over R (slightly lunge forward, ensuring weight is down on L)

Recover (sweep), Behind, Side, Cross, Side Rock, ¼ Recover, Fwd, Mambo, Coaster (prep)
1              Recover weight back onto R whilst sweeping L around counter-clockwise
2&3          Step L behind, step R to R side, cross L over R
4&5          Rock R to R side, recover weight onto L, turn ¼ L stepping fwd onto R (3:00)
6&7          Rock fwd onto L, recover back onto R, step back onto L
8&            Step back on R, step L together

Fwd, Full Turn Triple Back, Sweep, Cross, Syncopated Vine ¼, Fwd, Pivot ½
1              Step fwd on R (prep for turn by slightly opening shoulders to the right) (3:00)
2&            Make ½ turn over L stepping fwd on L, step R beside L (9:00)
3              Make ½ turn over L stepping fwd on L whilst sweeping around counter-clockwise (3:00)
4              Cross R over L
5,6&         Step L to L side, step R behind L, turn ¼ L stepping fwd on L (12:00)
7,8           Step R fwd, pivot ½ over L (6:00)

TAG A (8 counts) “I was your man and you were my girl”
After the second and fifth sequence, add the following 8 counts. Begin the Tag facing 12:00 and you will finish the Tag facing 6:00, both times.
Walk, Walk, Rock Fwd, Recover, ¼ Side, Weave, Side Rock, 1 ¼ Roll (or ¼ shuffle fwd)
1               Large step fwd on R (punch R arm out to R side)
2               Large step fwd on L (punch L arm out to L side)
3&            Rock R fwd (point both index fingers fwd), recover weight back onto L (point thumbs to yourself)
4              Turn ¼ R whilst stepping/rocking R to R side (3:00) (push both palms down, waist height)
5&6&7      Step L to L side, step R behind L, step L to L side, cross R over L, rock/step L to L side
8              Turn ¼ R stepping fwd on R (6:00)
&              Make ½ turn R stepping back on L
1              Make a further ½ turn over R and begin the dance again by stepping R fwd (1)
(Option: to replace counts 8&1, simply complete a ¼ shuffle forward: Count 1 when finishing the shuffle is the start of the dance)

TAG B (4 counts)
Complete the following 4 counts after walls 3(12:00),6 (12:00),8 (12:00) ,9 (6:00)
Rocking Chair, 2x Pivots
1&2&       Rock fwd on R, recover back onto L, rock back onto R, recover weight fwd onto L
3&4&        Step R fwd, pivot ½ over L, Step R fwd, pivot ½ over L

.8c TAG
.32 +4c TAG
.8c TAG
.32 +4c TAG
.32 +4c TAG
.32 +4c TAG
.16 (finish)

Contact: +61430346939 – madpuggy@hotmail.com – http://www.linedancewithillawarra.com/maddison-glover
BIG thank you to Rachael McEnaney-White for your contributions


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