Have Mercy

Choregraphie par :  Carol  COTHERMAN

Description :              32 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Septembre 2018

Musique :                   Mercy – Brett Young

#16-count intro.

NOTE: This 2-wall, 3 restart dance is a slightly easier alternative for a floor-split with Warren and Oswald’s If You Ever 4-Wall, 5 restart dance. So…Everybody get on the floor!

Nightclub Basic Right, 1/4 Turn, Modified ½ Sailor Turn, Cross, Side, 1/8 Turn, Back, 1/8 Turn
1-2&          Big step to right, rock left behind right, recover to right
3-4&5        ¼ Turn right stepping left back sweeping right from front to back, step right behind left starting 1/2 turn right, finish 1/2 turn right stepping left beside right, step right forward sweeping left from back to front (9:00)
6&7           Cross left over right, step right to side slightly back, 1/8 turn left stepping left back
8&             Step right back, 1/8 turn left stepping left to side (6:00)

Diagonal Rock, Recover, Side, Right Diagonal Cross Walks (2), Step, Lock, Step, Step, 1/2 Turn, Step
1-2&          Rock right forward to left diagonal, recover to left, step right to side squaring to 6:00
3-4            1/8 turn to right diagonal stepping left slightly over right, step right slightly over left
5&6           Step left forward, lock right behind left, step left forward (7:30)
7&8           Step right forward, 1/2 turn left taking weight to left, step right forward (1:30)

*7/8 Turn, Scissor Step, Side, Modified 1/2 Sailor Turn, Ball, Step
1-2            ½ Turn right stepping left back, 3/8 turn right stepping right to side with slight sway (12:00)
3&4           Rock left to side, step right beside left, step left across right *
5-6&7        Step right to side pushing off with left and sweeping left to back, ½ turn left stepping left behind right, step right beside left, step left forward (6:00)
&8             Step right ball beside left, step left forward **

Rock, Recover, 1/4 Turn, Cross, 3/4 Spiral Turn, Step, Rock, Recover, 1/2 Turn, Step
1-2&           Rock right forward, recover to left, ¼ turn right stepping right to side
3-4             Step left across right, ¼ turn left stepping right back continue additional ½ turn left slightly hooking left foot to right ankle keeping weight on right (12:00)
5-6&           Step left forward, rock right forward, recover to left
7-8             1/2 Turn stepping right forward, step left to side with slight sway (6:00)

Feel the music and add subtle sways to your dancing!

*Restart on Wall 1 after count 20 facing 12:00.
**Restart on Wall 2 after count 24 facing 6:00.
**Restart on Wall 4 after count 24 facing 6:00.

Dance all 32 counts on Wall 3 and Wall 5 on to the end of the song.


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