Head Over Boots

Choregraphie par :  Ursula  Amoroso

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Avril 2020

Musique :                  Head Over Boots by John Pardi

**2 Tags, 3 Restarts

Section 1: Right side, behind, kick ball cross, side ¼ left, walk, walk
1,2        Step right to side, step left behind right,
3&4      Kick right, step onto right, cross left over right.
5,6        Rock right to right, recover to left making ¼ left,
7,8        Walk forward right, left

Section 2: Cross, back & cross side, Sailor left & Heel & Heel
1,2        Cross right over left, step back onto left,
&3,4     Step right in place, cross left over right, step right to right side
5&6      Step left behind right making ¼ turn left, step onto right, step onto left.
7&8      Dig right heel forward, replace next to left, Dig left heel forward

Section 3: & Right side, touch, kick ball cross, Left side, touch, kick ball cross
&1,2     Replace left next to right. Step right to right side, touch left next to right
3&4      Kick left, step onto left, cross right over left.
5,6        Step left to left side, touch right next to left,
7&8      Kick right, step onto right, cross left over right.

Section 4: Right side rock, Sailor ¼ right, Step ½ turn right, Left forward shuffle
1,2        Rock right to right side, recover to left,
3&4      Step right behind left, Step left to left side. Make ¼ turn right stepping onto right.
5,6        Step forward left, Pivot ½ turn right.,
7&8      Step fwd left, close right beside left, step fwd left..

*1st Tag: On wall 2 complete dance then make two extra steps facing 3 O’Clock
1,2        Cross right over left, step back on left.

Wall 3 after first 16 counts ( heel & heel) facing 12 O’Clock
Wall 5 after first 16 counts (heel & heel) facing 9 O’Clock

**2nd Tag & Restart : On wall eight, dance first 16 counts
Tag: (After heel & heel)
&1,2      Replace left beside right. Cross right over left, Step back on left
3,4        Step right to right, Cross left over right.
Restart dance facing Wall 9. The dance ends 24 counts facing 12 O’Clock.

Thanks to my Son & Daughter in Law, Mandie & James for introducing me to the music of John Pardi.
This dance is dedicated to you both


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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