Hearts On Fire

Choregraphie par :  Hege  Langhelle

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire Facile, Avril 2020

Musique :                  Hearts on Fire by Gavin James

~3 restarts – 1 Tag after wall 9

(1-8) Side,kick,behind,side,rockingchair.
1-2        Rf step R, Lf kick L.
3-4        Lf step behind Rf, Rf step R.
5-6        Turn 1/8 R and rock Lf fwd, recover to Rf(1.30)
7-8        Lf rock back, recover to Rf(1.30)

(9-16) Fwd,1/2,fwd with sweep,cross,side,behind,1/4 step.
1-2        Lf step fwd, turn ½ R weight on Rf(7.30)
3-4        Lf step fwd, sweep Rf back to front.
5-6        Rf cross over Lf, turn 3/8 R and step Lf back(12.00)
7-8        Turn ½ R and step Rf fwd, Lf step fwd(6.00)
Restart here in wall 12.

1-2        Rf step fwd, Lf point to L.
3-4        Lf step fwd, Rf point to R.
5-6        Rf cross over Lf, Lf step back.
7-8        Rf step R, Lf cross over Rf.
Restart here in wall 4 and 6.

(25-32)Side,touch,1/2fwd,scuff,1/2back,hitch,1/2fwd,scuff 1/4.
1-2        Rf step R, Lf touch beside Rf.
3-4        Turn ½ L and step Lf fwd, Rf scuff beside Lf(12.00)
5-6        Turn ½ L and step Rf back, hitch Lf.(6.00)
7-8        Turn ½ L and step Lf fwd, Rf scuff beside Lf and turn ¼ L(9.00)

Ready to start again……


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