Here It Is

Choregraphie par :  Fred  WHITEHOUSE

Description :            64 temps, 0 mur, Avancé, Septembre 2015

Musique :                 Here It Is par FLO RIDA ft Chrs BROWN

Intro – 64 counts or 31 seconds from start of track
Sequence – A,A, B,B, A,A, B,A, B,B

A Pattern – 32 counts
A1: Kick & touch x2, rock, kick, coaster step
1&2      Kick RF forward, place RF next to L, touch LF to L
3&4      Kick LF forward, place LF next to R, touch RF to R
5,6       Rock RF forward, recover onto LF kicking RF
7&8      Step RF back, close LF next to R, step RF forward

A2: Stomp roll, twist, chest pop, walk R,L, out, out, in, cross
1,2       Stomp LF forward rolling body from head back placing weight on R
&3&4   Twist L heel out, bring L heel back in, chest pop fwd, recover chest and place weight on LF
5,6       Walk forward R,L
&7&8   Step RF out, step LF out, step RF in, cross LF over R

A3: Side rock recover, step together, step to L, twist recover, ¼ turn jazz box with chest pop
1,2       Rock RF to R side, recover onto LF (roll R arm out from side)
&3        Close RF next to L, step LF to L
&4        Swivel both heels to L, bring heels back
5,6       Cross RF over L, step LF back
&7        ¼ turn R stepping RF to R side (3.00) close LF next to R
&8        Pop chest forward, recover chest

A4: Heel & hip x2, step and slide back x2
1&2      Touch R heel fwd diag pushing R hip up, recover hip back, drop down little as you step fwd on R
3&4      Touch L heel fwd diag pushing L hip up, recover hip back, drop down a little as you step fwd on L
5,6       Touch RF next to L (keeping heel of the floor) slide LF back
7,8       Touch LF next to R, ( keeping heel of the floor) slide RF back

B Pattern – 32 counts
B1: Walk R,L, out out, twist x2, diagonal rocks x2
1,2       Walk forward R,L
&3&4   Step RF out, step LF out, twist both heels in, twist both toes in
5,6       Rock R heel out to R diagonal, recover onto LF
&7,8     Close RF next to L, rock L heel out to L diagonal, recover onto RF

B2: Pivot ½ turn L, ½ turning lock steps back, sweeps x2, coaster step
&1,2     Close LF next to R, step RF forward, pivot ½ turn L placing weight on LF
3&4      ¼ turn L stepping RF to R side, cross LF over R, ¼ turn L stepping RF back
5,6        Step back on L sweeping R from front to back, step RF back sweeping LF from front to back
7&8       Step LF back, close RF next to L, step LF forward

B3: Side step, sailor & knee pops, slide, lock behind, unwind
1,2&3   Step RF to R, step LF behind R, step RF to R, step LF to L
&4        Pop R knee, pop L knee (weight ending on RF) slightly on the diagonal
5,6       Push of RF making large step to L, lock RF behind L
7,8       Unwind full turn over R shoulder placing weight on L

B4: Slide touch, ½ turn slide touch, walk R,L, full turn
1,2       Step R to R side, touch LF beside R ( large step)
3,4       ¼ turn L stepping LF to L, ½ L touching RF next to L
5,6       Walk forward R,L (shape this walk as your body faces diagonal , click right finger on walks)
7,8       Make full turn L stepping R,L



Catégorie: Avancé

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