Hopeful Dreams

Choregraphie par :  Ann & Alex Robb

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Mai 2020

Musique :                  I Can Dream (Can’t I) by Alan Gregory

Intro: 16 Counts

Sec. 1: Cross Rock, Recover, Cross, Sweep, Cross Rock, Recover, Cross, Sweep
1-4        Cross Rock R over L, Recover on L, Cross R over L, Sweep L from Back to Front
5-8        Cross Rock L over R, Recover on R, Cross L over R, Sweep R from Back to Front

Sec. 2: Cross, Side, Behind, Sweep, Behind, ¼ R, Shuffle Fwd
1-4        Cross R over L, Step L to L Side, Step R behind L, Sweep L from Front to Back
5-6        Step L behind R, Turn ¼ R Stepping fwd on R,
7&8      Shuffle fwd on a L, R, L *** Restart Wall 4 ***

Sec. 3: Side, Together, Shuffle Fwd, Side, Together, Shuffle Back
1, 2        Step R to R side, Step L next to R,
3&4       Shuffle fwd on a R, L, R
5, 6        Step L to L side, Step R next to L,
7&8       Shuffle back on a L, R, L

Sec. 4: Rock Back, Recover, Step, ¼, Step, ¼ Skate R, Skate L
1,2        Rock back on R, Recover on L
3-6        Step fwd on R, Pivot ¼ turn L, Step fwd on R, Pivot ¼ turn L
7,8        Skate fwd on R, Skate fwd on L

Start Dance Again.

Note: Restart dance again on Wall 4 after 16 Counts.
Wall 4 Begins on 3 o’clock wall. You will restart dance on 6 o’clock wall.

Contact: m.robb2@hotmail.co.uk
If you have any problems with getting music please get in touch.


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