Hot Property

Choregraphie par :     Candee SERGER

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Juillet 2017

Musique :                   « Hot Property » by Jamiroquai (Automaton)

Begin 32 counts once vocals begin (24 seconds in) No Tags, No Restarts

**Fun In The Sun USLDCC 2nd place Newcomer/Novice Category 2017

Hop R Diagonal, Hop L Diagonal, Rocking Chair
&1,2:      Hop RF forward to R diagonal (1:30) (&), touch LF next to R (1), hold (2)
&3,4:      Hop LF forward to L diagonal (10:30) (&), touch RF next to L (3), hold (4)
5,6:        Rock R forward, recover L
7,8:        Rock R back, recover L

V Step, 1/4 L, Hip Bumps
1,2:         Step R forward diagonal R (1), Step L forward diagonal L (2)
3,4:         Return RF home (3), return LF home (4)
5,6:         Step R forward (5), 1/4 L (6)-weight R (L toe touches next to R)
7&8:        Weight L hip to L (7), R hip to R (&), L hip to L (8) (weight L)

Large Step R, Point L Out-In, Grapevine L 
1,2:         Step R a large step to R (1), Touch L next to R (2)
3,4:         Point L to L side (3), Touch L next to R (4)
5,6:         Step L to L side (5), Step R behind L (6)
7,8:         Step L to L side (7), Touch R next to L (8)

Walk Around 1/2 R with Knee Pops, Elvis Knee in-out, heel (with claps)
1,2:         Step R 1/4 R (option to pop L knee) (1), Step L next to R (option to pop R knee) (2)
3,4:         Step R 1/4 R (option to pop L knee) (3), Step L next to R (option to pop R knee) (4)
5,6:         Dip R knee in toward L knee (5), Swivel R knee out (6) (weight L)
7&8:        Push R heel to R diagonal (toes up) (7), Clap hands on &8 counts



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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