Hurry Home

Choregraphie par :  Henrik  GRONVOLD

Description :             16 temps, 2 murs, Débutant/Novice NC, Novembre 2018

Musique :                   Hurry Home by Jason Michael Carroll, Album: Growing Up Is Getting Old

*1 Tag: on the end of wall 12 hold for 2 counts & start again

Step forward & sweep, cross step, slide L, rock step, step R, sway, drag
1          Step RF forward and sweep LF from back to front
2&3      Cross LF over RF, step RF back, step LF out to L
4&5      Step RF behind LF, step RF in place, step RF out R
6,7       With feet apart, Sway L Hip to L, sway R Hip to R
8&        Drag LF slightly towards RF,

Slide L, rock step, slide R, rock step, weave L, cross unwind ½ turn L.
1          Step LF out to L
2&3      Step RF behind LF, Step LF in place, Step RF out to R
4&5      Step LF behind RF, Step RF in place, Step LF out to L
6&7      Step RF behind LF, step LF to L, cross RF over LF
8&        With weight on both feet unwind ½ L, ending with weight on LF



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