Choregraphie par :    Anne Kari Andersen (NOR)

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Mars 2021

Musique :                  I Hope – Gabby Barrett

Step, touch, weave ¼ turn, scuff, step, ½ turn
1-4        Step L to L, touch R next to L, step R to R, cross L behind R
5-8        1/4 turn R step R forward, scuff L, step L forward, ½ turn R (9.00)

Step, hold, ½ turn, ½ turn, step, hold, side rock, recover
1-4        Step L forward, hold, ½ turn L step back on R, ½ turn L step L forward
5-8        Step R forward, hold, rock L to L, recover on R

Cross, hold, step back, vine ¼ turn
1-4        Cross L over R, hold, step R back, step L to L
5-8        Cross R over L, step L to L, cross R behind L, ¼ turn L step L forward (6.00)

Step, ½ turn with hitch, shuffle forward, point, 1/4 turn, hitch
1-4        Step R forward, ½ turn L hitch L, step L forward, step R beside L (12.00)
5-8        Step L forward, point R to R, ¼ turn R step R beside L, hitch L (3.00)

Start again 😊

Note: To finish the dance:
Follow steps to count 12, make a ¼ turn L, sweep R from behind and touch beside L.


I Hope

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