I Just Call

Choregraphie par :  Guylaine BOURDAGES

Description :           32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Novembre 2016

Musique :                I Just Called To Say I Love You by: Jason Allen. Album: The Twilight Zone (Jason Allan)

Intro : 16 counts

[1-8] Chassé Right, Rock Step LF Back, Chassé Left, Rock Step RF Back
1&2    RF to right (1), LF beside RF (&),RF to right (2)
3-4     LF back (3), Recover on RF (4)
5&6    LF to left (5), RF beside LF (&) , LF to left (6)
7-8     RF back (7), Recover on LF (8)

[9-16] Toe Strut RF to Right, Toe Strut LF cross in front of RF, 1/4L Toe Strut RF back, Toe Strut LF to Left
1-2     Ball of RF to right (1), Drop right heel taking weight (2)
3-4     Ball of LF cross in front of RF (3), Drop left heel taking weight (4)
5-6     1/4L Ball of RF back (5), Drop right heel taking weight (6)
7-8     Ball of LF to left (7), Drop left heel taking weight (8)

[17-24] Rock Step RF cross in front of LF, Rock Step RF to Right, Rock Step RF cross Behind LF, RF to right, LF beside RF
1-2     RF cross in front of LF (1), Recover on LF(2)
3-4     RF to right (3), Recover on LF (4)
5-6     RF cross behind LF (5), Recover on LF (6)
7-8     RF to right (7), LF beside RF (8)

[25-32] Heel Dig RF front, RF Back, Heel Dig LF Front LF Back, , Coaster Step, Together
1-2     Heel Dig RF in front (1), RF back (2),
3-4     Heel Dig LF in front (3) LF back(4),
5-8     RF back (5), LF beside RF(6), RF forward(7), LF beside RF (8)

RESTART On wall 7 (6H)
Restart the dance after 16 counts (you will then face 3H)

I am living a DREAM, I put my Heart in my work my Passion and my LOVE for human being .
It’s my reality that i built with you everyday Thank You for being there

Contact: gbourdages@hotmail.com


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