I Know What You’ve Done!

Choregraphie par :  Hege Langhelle

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Avril 2020

Musique :                  I’m Not The Only One – Rayvon Owen

No Tags and No Restarts
Intro 16 counts

(1-9) Side,backrock,chasse,sway,step1/2,chasse.
1-3        Rf step to R, Lf rock behind Rf, recover to Rf.
4&5       Lf step to L, RF step beside Lf, Lf step L.
6-7        Recover weight to Rf(sway/prep), recover to Lf and turn ½ L(6.00)
8&1       Rf step to R, Lf step beside Rf, Rf step to R.

(10-17) 1/8beside,step,step lock step,step,1/2drag,back,1/2step,step
2-3        Turn 1/8 and step Lf beside Rf, Rf step fwd(4.30)
4&5       Lf step fwd, Rf lock behind Lf, Lf step fwd.
6-7        Rf step fwd, turn ½ L(weight on Rf)and drag Lf towards Rf(1.30)
8&1       Lf step back, turn ½ R Rf step fwd, Lf step fwd(4.30)

(18-25)1/8step,1/8step,fwd coaster sweep,behind,1/4 beside,fwd,step lock step.
2-3        Turn 1/8 R and step Rf fwd, turn 1/8 R and step Lf fwd(7.30)
4&5       Rf step fwd, Lf step beside Rf, Rf step back and sweep Lf front to back.
6&7       Lf step behind Rf, turn 1/4 R and step Rf beside Lf, Lf step fwd(10.30)
8&1       Rf step fwd, Lf lock behind Rf, Rf step fwd.

(26-32&) Step,1/2,shuffle1/2turn,step,7/8spiralturn,start chasse.
2-3        Lf step fwd, turn ½ R( weight on Lf) and drag Rf towards Lf(4.30)
4&5       Turn ¼ R and step Rf to R, Lf step beside Rf, turn ¼ R and step Rf fwd(10.30)
6-7        Lf step fwd, spiralturn 7/8 R(9.00)
8&         Rf step to R, Lf step beside Rf.

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