I Lost You

Choregraphie par :  Michelle Risley (Peace-Train)

Description :            32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Juillet 2017

Musique :                 I Lost You – Dylan Scott

**Wall 2 Repeat Of Count 24-32&
This is a 2+2 wall dance

Side, Behind, ¼ Right, Side Left, Behind Side, Cross & Sweep, ¼ L Turn Diamond
1-2&    Large Step Right, Left Behind, ¼ Right Stepping Forward (3oc)
3-4&    Large Step Left, Right Behind, Left To Side, Step Right Forward Into Left Diagonal Whilst Sweeping Left From Back To Front (1.30)
6&7     Cross Left Over Right, Step Back On Right, Step Back On Left Dragging Right Towards Left
8&1     Step Right Behind Left, 1/8 L Stepping To Left (12oc), 1/8 L Stepping Right Forward (1130)

Walk L, R, L, ½ Pivot R, Step Left Forward (Prep), Full Turn L, 1/8 Turn Side, Back Rock
2-3      Walk Forward Into Diagonal (11.30) L R
4&5     Step Forward L, Pivot ½ Right (4.30) Step Forward On Left (Toe Turned Out In Prep)
6&7     Travelling Forward Full Turn Over Left Shoulder, 1/8 Turn Left Stepping Right To Side (3oc)
8&       Back Rock Left Behind Right, Recover

Sway L,R, Full Turn Triple, Sway R, L, 1 & 1/2 Turn Right 
1-2      Sway With Hips, Left & Right
3&4     Full Rolling Triple Over Left Shoulder (3oc)
5-6      Sway With Hips, Right & Left
7&       Turn ¼ To R And Step Forward On R, Turn ½ To R And Step Back On L,
8&       Turn ½ To R And Step Forward On R, Turn ¼ R And Step L Next Right (9oc)

Side, Behind, Side, Cross, Side Rock, Forward, ½ Mambo L, Pivot ¾ L
1-2&3  Large Step Righ, pushing off of left, Left Behind, Side To Right, Cross Left Over Right
4&5     Side Rock Right, Recover, Step Forward On To Right (9oc)
6&7     Left Rock Forward, Recover Right, ½ Left Stepping Forward On Left (3oc)
8&       Step Forward Right, Pivot ¾ Over Left Shoulder (6oc)

**End Wall 2 Facing Front Wall, Repeat Last 8 Counts Restart Dance At 9oc**

Start Dance As 2 Wall 12oc & 6oc, After Wall 2 Repeat Of Last 8 counts,
Dance Is A 2 Wall From 9oc & 3oc


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