I Love Me

Choregraphie par :  Roy VERDONK, Sebastiaan HOLTTLAND, Eleni de Kok

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Avril 2016

Musique :                   I Love Me par Meghan TRAINOR ft Lunchmoney Levis

Introduction: 24 ccounts, start at the word “ME” on approx; 15 sec.

Part l: 1/4 Turn R, Step, Scuff With 1/2 Turn R, Step Back L, Coaster R, Syncopated Locksteps.
1&2      Making ¼ turn R (3) stepping Rf forward, Making ½ turn R (9) scuffing L next to R, Lf step back
3&4      R step back, Step L together R, Step R forward.
5&6&    Step L forward, Lock R behind L, Step L forward, Step R forward.
7&8      Lock L behind R, Step R forward, Step L forward.
( NB counts 5 to 8 are done on the diagonals)

Part ll: Step Fwd R, Touch L behind, Step Back L, 1/2 Shuffle Turn R, Syncopated Walks Fwd L, R, Touch L Heel To Diagonal, Behind, Side, Hitch L.
1&2      Step R forward, Touch L behind Rf, Step L back.
3&4      Making ¼ turn R (12) stepping R to R, Step L together, Making ¼ turn R (3) stepping Rf forward.
5&6      Step L forward, Rf step forward, Touch L heel to L diagonal.
7&8      Cross L behind R, Step R to R, Hitch L knee up in front of R.

Part lll: Step Touches With Claps Diagonally Back L / R, Step Back Diagonally L, Toe Touches, Step Back R, Heel Fwd L, Recover, Scuff R With 1/4 Turn L, Heel/Toe/Heel Twist.
1&        Step L back on diagonal L, Touch R next to L and clap hands.
2&        Step R back on diagonal R, Touch L next to R and clap hands.
3&4      Step L back on L diagonal, Touch R next to L, Touch R toes diagonal forward R.
5&6      Step R back, Touch L heel forward, Step L back in place.
&7&8   Scuff R next to L Making ¼ turn left (12) swivel both heels to R, Swivel both toes to R, Swivel both heels to R.

Part IV: Side Toe Strut L, Cross Toe Strut R, Side, Cross, Back, Rock Back R, Recover L, Step Fwd R, ¼ Turn L With Touch.
1&        Step L to L on toes, Put L heel down,
2&        Step R across L on toes, Put R heel down.
3&4      Step L to L, Cross R in front of L, Step L back.
5-6       Step R back, recover back onto L.
7&8      Rf step forward, Making ¼ turn left (9) recovering weight onto Lf, Touch R next to L.




Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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