I Need Somebody

Choregraphie par :  David  LECAILLON

Description :             16 temps, 2 murs, Novice, Mai 2019

Musique :                  Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi

intro 16 counts
dedicate to Martine CANONNE

section 1 : basic night club right and left, step, hold, cross , step right, step left back, sweep , step back, step side
1              big step on right side sliding Lf next to Rf
2&3          step Lf back , Cross Rf slightly ahead Lf, big step on Left side sliding Rf next to Lf
4&5          step Rf back, Cross Lf slighty ahead Rf, step Rf sligtly in Right diagonal
6&7          cross Lf over Rf, step Rf on Right side facing 12:00, step Lf backPG, sweep Rf from front to back
8&1          step Rf back, step Lf on Left side, cross Rf behind Lf, sweep Lf from front to back with ¼ turn Left 9:00

section 2 :cross, sweep ¼ turn left, cross, step side, cross, hold, sways, slide Right, rock back ¼ left, full turn , slide touch
2&3          step Lf back, step Rf on Right side, cross Lf over Rf
4&5          step Rf on Right side sways right and left, big step Rf on Right side sliding Lf next to Rf
6&            ¼ turn Left step Lf back recover onto Rf
7&8&        ½ turn Right step Lf back, ½ turn Right on place step Rf foward, big step fowardon Left diagonal sliding Rf next to Lf and touch Rf next to Lf (restart facing 6:00)

Restart with smile



Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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