I Wanna Be With You

Choregraphie par :  Christie Lim (Mal), Peter Reber (SA)

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant +, Novembre 2019

Musique :                  I Wanna Be With You – Fun Factory 1995

Intro: 48 count

Restart in wall 4 and 7

Section 1: Rocking chair, ¼ turn L Rock fwd, Recover, Touch, Walk ¼ turn R (4x)
1&2&          Rock RF fwd, Recover, RF back, Recover
3&4            ¼ turn L Rock RF fwd, Recover, RF touch (9:00)
5 6 7 8        ¼ turn R step RF fwd, ¼ turn R step LF fwd, ¼ turn R step RF fwd, ¼ turn R step LF fwd (9:00)
(Styling: Both hands form fist, put knuckles together to form a continuous bar with the forearms. For every step pivot this bar around the central point starting left elbow low)

Section 2: Walk (2x), Sailor step, Walk (2x), Sailor step,
1 2              Walk, Walk (RL)
3&4            3/8 turn R RF behind LF, LF step side, Recover to RF (1:30)
(Styling: Circle both arms from top to bottom)
5 6             1/8 turn R Walk LF, Walk RF (3:00)
7&8           3/8 turn L LF behind RF, RF step side, Recover to LF (10:30)
(Styling: Left arm only, with straight arm move hand from right to left in a half circle)
Restart here, Wall 4 facing (3:00), 7 facing (9:00)

Section 3: Rock, Recover, ¼ turn Chasse, 1/2 turn Chasse, Paddle turn L (2x)
1 2             Rock fwd RF (12:00), Recover
(Styling: point right arm forward in a relaxed manner, below horizontal)
3&4            ¼ turn R RF side, LF step next to RF, RF side (3:00)
(Styling: with arms at side and bent, drop shoulders RLF)
5&6            ½ turn R step LF side, RF step next to LF, LF side (9:00)
(Styling: with arms at side and bent, drop shoulders LRL)
7 8             Paddle ¼ turn L, Paddle ¼ turn L (3:00)
(Styling: Raise both arms sideways to vertical)

Section 4: Pivot ½ turn, Shuffle, Rock, Recover, Coaster Step
1 2             Step fwd on RF, ½ turn L (9:00)
(Styling: Lower both arms sideways next to body)
3&4            Step RF fwd, Step LF next to RF, step RF fwd
5 6             Rock LF fwd, Recover
7&8            Step LF back, step RF next to LF, step LF fwd
Last wall: 28 counts only (ends 12:00) and pose

For any question contact:
Christie Lim: chrislimlc33@gmail.com
Peter Reber: preber@telkomsa.net


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