I Wanna Kiss You Baby

Choregraphie par :  Norman  Gifford

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire facile, Juillet 2018

 Musique :                 Kiss You All Night Long – Bouke – 160 bpm

Music available on iTunes

TAG: Done before starting the 32 count dance. And…
At the end of wall #4 facing 12:00,
At the end of wall #8 facing 12:00,
After wall #9 facing 3:00.

(Lindy-rock-step right, lindy-rock-step left)
1&2     Shuffle steps to the right side (RLR)
3-4      Left rock back; right replace
5&6     Shuffle steps to the left side (LRL)
7-8      Right rock back; left replace

(Toe-heel-strut jazz-box with a hold)
1-2      Right toe touch crossed over; drop heel taking weight
3-4      Left toe touch back; drop heel taking weight
5-6      Right toe touch side; drop heel taking weight
7-8      Left step forward; hold

Main Dance pattern:
(Jive-flick forward, jive-flick side, triple step, jive-flick forward, jive-flick side, triple step)
1-2      Right flick forward; right flick side
3&4     Triple steps in place (RLR)
5-6      Left flick forward; left flick side
7&8     Triple steps in place (LRL)

(Monterey turn ½ right, mambo-step, hold)
1-2      Right toe touch side; swivel turn ½ right bringing right foot next to left [6:00]
3-4      Point left toe to the side; left step together
5-8      Right rock back; left replace; right together; hold

(Rock-step, step ¼ left, sweep, jazz-box)
1-2      Left rock forward; right replace
3-4      Left step side turning ¼ left; right sweep across (no weight) [3:00]
5-6      Right crossover; left step back
7-8      Right step side; left step forward

(Rock-step, shuffle-steps back, sways left-right-left, hold)
1-2      Right rock forward; left replace
3&4     Shuffle steps back (RLR)
5-8      Sway left; sway right; sway left; hold


Contact: nlgifford@yahoo.com


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