I’d Be Rich

Choregraphie par :  Booby  HOULE – Canada

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire facile, Août 2018

Musique :                    Rich \ Maren Morris

[1-8] : Sugar foot, Rock step 1\4 turn L, touch ,X 2
1&2:         Touch right toe next to left, touch R heel next to L, step R forward
3&4&:      Rock L forward , return to R back, on right foot 1\4 turn L,left foot forward,touch R beside left (9 o’clock)
5-8           Repeat 1-4 (6 o’clock)

[9-16] : Syncopated Jazz box 1\4 turn left,(step,lock,step) X2,step together Shuffle to R,
1&2:         Step R to right,step L beside right, step R to right
3&4:         Cross L in front of right, Right foot back, Left foot to L 1\4 turn left (3 o’clock)
5&6&:      Right foot forward diagonal, lock L behind R, Right foot forward, Left forward diag L
7&8&:      Lock R behind L, Left foot forward, Right forward, left beside R foot

[17-24] : (Step, touch, step, touch, side mambo cross ) X2
1&2&:      Right foot slightly in front diag R, touch left beside right, Left foot slightly in front diag L, touch right beside Left
3&4:         Rock R foot to right, return on left in place, cross right in front of L
5-8:          Repeat 1 -4 but beginning with left step touch

[25-32] : Syncopated rumba box, step pivot 1\2 turn R step, Step lock step, Mambo 1\2 turn L
1&2:         Right foot to right, left beside R, Right forward
3&4:         Left forward, Pivot 1\2 turn R, Left forward (9 o’clock)
5&6:         Right foot forward, lock left behind R, Right forward
7&8:         Rock left forward, on right foot 1\2 turn left , left foot forward (3 o’clock)

*1st During wall 3 beginning on the 6 o’clock wall, you do the first 16 counts and start from the beginning on the 9 o’clock wall.

**2nd :During wall 6 beginning on the 3 o’clock wall, you do the first 24 counts,and start from the beginning on the 6 o’clock wall.

The dance ends on the 12 o’clock wall when you do the last 2 counts of the dance (mambo 1\2 turn L)


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