If You’re Over Me

Choregraphie par :  Pat  Stott

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire facile, Juillet 2018

Musique  :                  If You’re Over Me by Years & Years. album: Palo Santo (deluxe) 3:09

Commence after 16 counts (approx. 8 seconds) just before vocals

Mambo forward, mambo back, side rock, cross, ball, cross, side
1&2.        Rock forward on right, recover on left, step slightly back on right
3&4.        Rock back on left, recover on right, step slightly forward on left
5&6         Rock right to right, recover on left, cross right over left
&7           Left to left on ball of foot, cross right over left
8             Step left to left

Sailor 1/4 turn right, cross, rock, side, cross, recover, ball, cross, ball, cross
1&2.        Sweep right foot round stepping behind left, turn 1/4 right, stepping onto left, step right slightly to right
3&4.        Cross left over right, recover on right, left to left
5-6.         Cross right over left, recover on left
&7.          Step right to right on ball of foot, cross left over right
&8.          Step right to right on ball of foot, cross left over right
** Restart here during wall 8 (facing 6 o’clock)

Switches : point right, close, point left, close, right heel forward, close, hitch left, close, right heel forward, close, forward. step forward, 1/2 pivot left
1&2&.     Point right toe to right, close, point left toe to left, close
3&4&      Right heel forward, close, hitch left knee, close
5&6.        Right heel forward, close, forward on left
7-8.         Step forward on right, 1/2 pivot left transferring weight to left

Shuffle forward, full turn right, rock forward, recover, full triple turn left
1&2.        Forward on right, close left to right, forward on right
3-4.         Turn 1/2 right stepping back on left, turn 1/2 right stepping forward on right
5-6.         Rock forward on left, recover on right
7&8.        Triple full turn left – left, right, left
Alternative: To take out turns replace 3-4 with 2 walks, and 7&8 replace with a coaster step.

** Restart during wall 8 facing 6 o’clock

Choreographers note: the dance is quite fast so keep the steps small!

Dance will finish at 12 o’clock


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