I’m a Hillbilly Girl

Choregraphie par :  Kay Needham – Artesia NM

Description :            34 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Juillet 2017

Musique :                 Hillbilly Girl – Lisa McHughs

Start the dance after the first 4 beats (claps) when the music starts just after the lyrics  » I don’t care if I ain’t got time  »

Point, hitch, shuffle x 2
1          Point Right toe to the right
2          Hitch Right foot next to left knee
3&4      Step forward on right foot and shuffle in place (R,L,R)
5          Point Left toe to the left
6          Hitch Left foot next to the right knee
7&8      Step forward on left foot and shuffle in place (L,R,L)

Walk 2, turn 1/4 L and bump hips double 2R, 2L , bump hips single, 1R ,1L
1          Walk forward on Right foot
2          Walk forward on Left foot
3,4       Turn 1/4 left and swivel heels Right and bump hips 2 times
5,6       Swivel heels left and bump hips 2 times left
7          Swivel heels right and bump hips 1 time right
8          Swivel heels left and bump hips 1 time left

Step Kick, back, hook, Hinge 1/2 R, step back, hook
1          Step forward on the Right foot
2          Kick left foot forward
3          Step back on the Left foot
4          Hook right heel over left ankle
5          Turning 1/4 R, Step forward on the Right foot
6          Turning 1/4 R, step to the left on the left foot
7          Step back on the right foot
8          Hook left heel over right ankle

L fwd Shuffle , Scissors (6 beats) R,L,R,L,R,L
1&2      Shuffle forward on left foot (L,R,L)
3          Sway right
4          Recover weight on left
5          Cross right over left taking weight
6          Sway L
7          Recover weight on right
8          Cross left over right taking weight

Hinge 1/2 Left
1          Turn 1/4 left, stepping right to the right side.
2          Turn 1/4 left, stepping left to the left side beside right

THE END: The dance ends as you finish steps 5,6 of the first section point the left foot to the left (5) and as you hitch on 6 (12:00 wall)
Raise both arms straight up and yell

Contact: jkneedham@gmail.com


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