I’m Not Alright

Choregraphe par :   Karolina Caceres Lopez

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Juillet 2019

Musique :                 Loud Luxury and Bryce Vine – I’m Not Alright

#16 startup counts – No Tags – No Restarts

Section 1: Step Fwd R, L point L Snap, Step Fwd L, R Point R Snap, Jazz box ¼ R
1-4        Step Fwd R (1), Point L to left side & Snap (2), Step Fwd L (3)Point R To R & Snap ( 4)
5-8        Step R Cross in front of L STEP (5), Step Left back (6), ¼ turn at R and step from RIGHT to RIGHT (7), step LEFT in front, (8) (3h)

Section 2: Step Touch RL, diagonal Kick Ball cross , side rock ¼ L
1-4        Dip to Right while stepping LR to L side (1) Touch LF in place (2) , Dip to L while stepping LF to L (3)Touch RF in place (4)
5&6       Kick R fwd into R diagonal,(5) step R together,(&) cross L over R (6)
7-8        Rock RF to R side (7), Recover onto LF making a ¼ turn L (8) (12h)

Section 3: 3 Walks Fwd RLR, L point L, L Step back , R Point R , R Step Behind side cross
1-4        Step fwd on R(1), Step fwd on L(2), Step fwd on R(3)point L to the Left(4)
5-6        Step Back L (5) Point Step R To the Right( 6)
7&8       Cross RF behind LF(7), Step LF to L side (&) , Cross RF over LF (8) (12h)

Section 4: L Side rock , L crossing schuffe, Side, Behind, ¼, 2 Steps Fwd RL
1-2        Rock LF to L side(1), Recover onto RF (2)
3&4       Cross L over R(3), Step R to right side(&) Cross L over R (4)
5-8        Step R to R side (5), step L behind R, turn (6) ¼ R stepping fwd onto R (7) Step fwd onto L (8) (3h)

Have a Fun !

Contact : karolynacaceres@hotmail.com


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