I’m Not Your Toy

Choregraphie par :  Dwight MEESSEN

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Avril 2018

Musique :                  « Toy » by Netta (single, Israël Eurovision 2018) 136 bpm

Intro: 32 counts

Rock Side Recover, Ball Rock Side Recover, Cross, ¼ L Back, ¼ L Touch, ⅛ L Hitch
1-2        RF rock side, LF recover
&3-4     RF step beside on ball foot, LF rock side, RF recover
5-6        LF cross over, RF ¼ left step back
7-8        LF ¼ left touch beside, LF ⅛ left hitch [4.30]

Rock Fwd Recover, Behind, ⅜ R Fwd, Rock Fwd Recover, Ball Back, Back
1-2        LF rock forward, RF recover
3-4        LF cross behind, RF ⅜ right step forward
5-6        LF rock forward, RF recover
&7-8     LF step beside on ball foot, RF step back, LF step back [9]

Rock Back Recover, Ball Fwd, Fwd, Toe Switches Into Monterey ½ R, Toe Switches
1-2        RF rock back, LF recover
&3-4     RF step beside on ball foot, LF step forward, RF step forward
5&         LF point side, LF together
6-7        RF point side, RF ½ right step beside
8&1       LF point side, LF together, RF point side [3]

Paddle ¼ L x2, Flick, Dorothy x2
2-4        RF ¼ left point side, RF ¼ left point side, RF flick behind
5-6&     RF step right forward, LF lock behind, RF step forward
7-8&     LF step left forward, RF lock behind, LF step forward [9]

Start again

Restarts: Dance the 5th and 7th wall up to and including count 16 (count 8 of the 2nd section) and start again


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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