Choregraphie par :   Gemma  RIDYARD

Description :             48 temps, 2 murs, Avancé, Août 2017

Musique :                  I Can Only Imagine by Mercy Me

Restart on wall 5 after 32 counts

S1: ½ sweep, behind side cross, R side rock cross, slide, ¼ R, ½ attitude turn
1             Turning ½ turn L step back on RF sweeping LF from front to back
2&3        step LF behind RF, step RF to R side, cross LF in front of RF
&4&        rock RF to R side, replace weight to LF, cross RF over LF
5,6          step LF big side step L, drag RF toward LF touch RF next to LF
7,8          make a ¼ turn R step RF forward, continuing a ½ turn R on the ball of RF LF behind in arabesque line

S2: Walk L walk R, pivot 1/2, ½ back, 1/8 coaster, run run, spiral full turn L
1,2          step LF forward, step RF forward
3&4        step LF forward pivot ½ R, make a ½ turn L step LF back
5&          make a 1/8 turn L step RF back, close LF next to RF
6&          step RF forward, step LF forward
7,8          step RF forward beginning a full spiral turn LF, step LF forward (1.30)

S3: Rock RF forward ¼, chasse ¼, step forward ronde ½, contraction hitch reach, step LF back, back rock replace
1&          rock RF forward, replace weight ¼ turn R (4.30)
2&3        step RF to R side, close LF next to RF, make a ¼ turn R step RF forward
4             stepping LF forward making ½ turn L sweeping RF back to front
5,6          close RF next to LF bending both knees (hide), rising up on to R toes hitching L knee(reaching both arms forward)
7 8&        step LF back, rock RF back, replace weight to LF, making ½ turn L step LF back

S4: ½ turn L,1/8 turn L side cross side, back rock side, back rock 1/8 sweep
1 2&       ½ turn L stepping RF back, make an 1/8 turn L step LF to L side, cross RF over LF
3 4&       step LF big side step L, rock RF behind LF, replace weight to LF
5 6&       step RF big side step R, rock LF behind RF making 1/8 turn L, replace weight to RF
7,8          stepping LF forward, ronde RF full turn L

S5: Cross rock Hitch, pencil turn, cross rock R, pivot ½ turn, full turn forward
1&2        cross rock R over L, replace weight to L, step RF to R side as you hitch up L knee
3&4        make a ¼ turn L stepping LF forward, continue you turn L closing RF next to L making a ¾ turn, step LF to L side ( angling body to 4:30)
5 6&       cross rock RF over LF (4.30), step back on LF, make a ¼ turn R stepping RF to R side (7:30)
7 8&1     pivot ½ turn R keeping weight back on LF (7:30) Step RF forward, turn ½ turn R step back on LF, turn ½ turn R step RF forward (1:30)

S6: Jazz ¼ turn L , 2 pique ½ turns L, ronde a ¼ turn R, R forward rock, R syncopated back rock
2&3        LF over R, step RF back, make a ¼ turn L step LF forward beginning a pique 1/2 turn L bringing RF to a figure 4 (3.00)
4 5         step RF next to LF as you make a ½ pique turn L drawing LF to a figure 4, step LF forward, ronde RF a ¼ turn L (6.00)
6,7         rock RF forward, replace weight to LF
8&          rock RF back, replace weight forward on to LF


Catégorie: Avancé, Chorégraphies

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