In The Summertime

Choregraphie par :   Amy GLASS

Description :            48 temps, 4 murs, Novice, 2012

Musique ;                  In the Summertime par MUNGO JERRY featuring Projekt 28

Intro: 48 counts; Start dancing at the beginning of the lyrics

[1-8] Step Side R, Hold, Step Side L, Hold, ¼ Turn Shuffle (R,L,R), Hold
1-2      Step R slightly to the R, hold
3-4      Step L slightly to the L, hold
5-8      Step R to R side, step L next to R, turn ¼ R stepping forward R, hold (3:00)
*Options for 1-4: dancers may bend their knees while stepping R and L, they may add slight shoulder shrugs, or they may turn their body ¼ R and ½ L with the two steps
*Option for 5-7: change to hip bumps R,L,R, moving slightly down the line of dance, and still turning ¼ R

[9-16] Rock Forward L, Recover R, ½ Turn L Stepping Forward L, Hold, ? Turn L (Counter-Clockwise) Hip Rolls x2
1-2      Rock forward L, recover back on R
3-4      Turn ½ L stepping forward L, hold (9:00)
5-6      Step R, L, turning ? L and rolling hips counter-clockwise (7:30)
7-8      Step R, L, turning ? L and rolling hips counter-clockwise (6:00)
*Option for 13-16: remove hip rolls but turn ¼ slowly stepping R,L,R,L

[17-24] Rock Forward R, Hold, Recover L, Step Together R, Rock L Forward, L Side Rock
1-2      Rock forward R, hold
3-4      Recover back L, step R next to L
5-8      Rock forward L, recover R, side rock L, recover R

[25-32] Cross L, Hold, Side Rock R, Recover, Cross R, Hold, Side Rock L, Recover
1-2      Cross L over R, hold
3-4      Step R slightly R and back, step side L
5-6      Cross R over L, hold
7-8      Step L slightly L and back, step side R
*Option: when crossing L or R, angle the body to the diagonal and then use the next steps to square back up to the original wall

[33-40] Cross L, Hold, Step Side R, Step Behind L, R Heel Flick x2
1-2      Cross L over R, hold
3-4      Step R to R side, step L slightly crossed behind R
5-6      Touch R beside L, flick R heel to R side
7-8      Touch R beside L, flick R heel to R side
*Option for heel flicks: dancer may choose to hitch right knee or may touch R foot out, in

[41-48] Forward Mambo, Hold, ¼ Turn Sailor L, Hold
1-4       Forward Mambo (rock forward R, recover L, step together R), hold
5-8      Step L behind R, turn ¼ L step side R, step side L, hold (3:00)




Catégorie: Novice

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