Choregraphie par :  Kathleen Crocker (USA) & Kim Carpentino (USA)

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant +, Décembre 2020

Musique :                  Almost Maybes – Jordan Davis

#16 Count Intro, start on lyrics – 1 Restart

Cross Side Sailor Step, Cross Side ¼ turn Sailor
1-2          Cross R over L, step L to L side
3&4         Step R foot behind, step L next to R, Step R diagonal forward
5-6          Cross L over R, step R to R side,
7&8         Step ¼ L step R next to L, step L diagonal forward

Toe heel ½ turns x2, Step ½ turn, Step right then left
1&2         Step ball of R foot forward turning into ½ turn over L shoulder, put heel of R foot down
3&4         Making a ½ turn over R shoulder, step ball of L foot forward put heel of L foot down
5-6          Step R foot forward, pivoting ½ turn over left shoulder, weight on L
7-8          Step R forward, step L next to R
*Restart here on wall 6

Heel and Toes x2, Point and Point and Heel and Heel
1&2         R heel forward on diagonal, step next to L, touch L toe back
3&4         L heel forward on diagonal, step next to R, touch R toe back
5&6&      Point R toe to R side, bring back to center, point L toe to L side, bring back to center
7&8&      R heel forward, bring back to center, L heel forward, bring back to center (weight L)

Modified Jazz Box x2, Cross Unwind ½ turn, Side Rock Recover
1&2         Cross R over L, step back on L, step R to R side (traveling backwards)
3&4         Cross L over R, step back on R, step L to L side (traveling backwards)
5-6          Cross R over Left, unwind ½ turn L
7-8          Rock to R side, recover on L

Have fun with it. Any questions contact .


It Ain’t Me, It’s You

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