I’ve Been Good

Choregraphie par :      Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick (TheDanceFactoryUK)

Description :                 32 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Mars 2019

Musique :                       I’ve Been Good – Cassadee Pope

Start after 16 counts – approx. 13 secs – 3mins 28secs – 72bpm
Music Available: Amazon

[1-8&] Step R side, L behind, ¼ R & fwd, L fwd, ½ R pivot turn, R full turn forward, L fwd, ¼ R pivot turn, L cross step, R side rock/recover
1-2&3      Step R side, cross step L behind R, turning ¼ right step R forward, step L forward (3 o’clock)
4&5         Pivot ½ right, turning ½ right step L back, turning ½ right step R forward (or walk fwd 2) (9 o’clock)
6&7         Step L forward, pivot ¼ right, cross step L over R (12 o’clock)
8&           Rock R side, recover weight on L

[9-16&] Walk fwd 2, R fwd rock/recover, R lock step back, ½ L & L fwd, R fwd, ½ L pivot turn, step R/L fwd
1-2          Step R forward, step L forward
3&           Rock R forward, recover weight on L
4&5         Turning body slightly to the right step right R back, lock L over R, step R back starting to turn left
6              Turning ½ left step L forward (6 o’clock)
7&           Step R forward, pivot ½ left (12 o’clock)
8&           Step R forward, step L forward
RESTART ON WALL 3 here facing FRONT wall

[17-24&] R fwd & sweep L, L cross step, step R back to face 11 o’clock, step L back & sweep R, cross R behind, step L fwd to 7 o’clock, R fwd, L fwd mambo & sweep, R behind, L fwd to 5 o’clock
1-2&3      Step R forward sweeping L over, cross step L over R, step R back on diagonal (11 o’clock), step L back & sweep
4&5         Cross step R behind L, step L forward to diagonal (7 o’clock), step R forward
These steps are carried out in the shape of a ‘V’ or you can think of it as a ½ of a diamond shape
6&7         Rock L forward, recover weight on R, step L back sweeping R behind L
8&           Cross step R behind L, turning to next diagonal (5 o’clock) step L slightly forward
RESTART ON WALL 6 here BUT change 8& to a R rock back/recover turning ⅛ left to face BACK wall

[25-32&] On diagonal: R rocking chair, R jazz box cross squaring to 6 o’clock, ¼ L step R back, ½ L step L fwd, R fwd, ¼ L pivot turn, R cross rock/recover
1&2&       Still on diagonal rock R forward, recover weight on L, rock R back, recover weight on L
3&4&       Cross step R over L, step L back, turning ⅛ right step R side, cross step L over R (6 o’clock)
5-6          Turning ¼ left step R back, turning ½ left step L forward (9 o’clock)
7&8&       Step R forward, pivot ¼ left, cross rock R over L, recover weight on L (6 o’clock)

ENDING: During wall 8 dance up to count 20&, cross step R over L & unwind to face front wall

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