Choregraphie par :   Lucy Cooper (UK)

Description :             64 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Septembre 2021

Musique :                  Je Me Casse (Eurovision 2021 – Malta) – Destiny

Intro: 4 counts

Side with heel drag, Behind, Side, Cross, Side Rock, Cross, ¼ Turn R, Chasse ¼ R
1               Big step right to side pushing hips to the right and dragging left heel in (slightly angle body to left diagonal)
2&3          Cross left behind right, step right to side, cross left over right
4&5          Rock right to right side, recover onto left, cross right over left
6               Turn ¼ right stepping left back (3.00)
7&8          Step right to side turning ¼ right, bring left in, step right to side (6.00)

Forward rock, Back Touch, Back Touch, 2 x Walks turning ¼ L, 3 x Runs turning ¼ L
1 2            Cross rock left over right, recover onto right (7.30)
&3&4       (facing right diagonal) Step left back, touch right beside left, step right back, touch left slightly forward
5 6            Walk left then right turning ¼ left following the curve of a circle (4.30)
7&8          Run left right left turning 3/8 left following the curve of a circle (12.00)

TwoX Dorothy Steps, Out, Out, Back, Together, Forward
1 2&         Step right diagonally forward, lock left behind right, step right diagonally forward
3 4&         Step left diagonally forward, lock right behind left, step left diagonally forward
5 6            Step right out to right diagonal pushing into right hip, step left out to left diagonal pushing into left hip
&7 8         Step right back, bring left together next to right, step right forward

L Hip Bumps ¼ R, R Hip Bumps ¼ R, Side Rock, Back Rock, Stomp, Hitch
1&2           Touch left toe forward pushing into left hip, recover hip, place left down turning ¼ R (3.00)
3&4           Turn ¼ right touching right toe forward pushing into right hip, recover hip, place right down (6.00)
5&6&         Rock left to left side, recover onto right, rock left behind right, recover onto right
7 8             Stomp left to left side, hitch right

Diagonal Charleston, Back, Coaster Step, Lock Behind, Kick Out Out
1 2            Step right forward to right diagonal, point left forward (7.30)
3 4&         Step left back, step right back, step left together
5 6            Step right forward, lock left behind right popping right knee
7&8          Kick right to right diagonal, step right out to side, step left out to side straightening up to 6.00 (6.00)

Slap R Hip, Slap L Hip, Snap, Swivel Heel, Swivel Toe, Hitch, Forward, Forward Rock, Drag Back
1&2          Place right hand on right hip, place left hand on left hip, click fingers out to each side
3&4          Swivel right heel in, swivel right toe in, hitch right (angling body to right diagonal) (7.30)
5 6&         Step right forward to right diagonal, rock left forward, recover onto right
7 8            Big step back on the left (still to right diagonal), dragging right in to touch beside the left

Side, Behind, Side, Cross Point, Side, Cross Point, ¼ R, ¼ Pivot R, Cross
1 2&         Step right to side, cross left behind right, step right to side. (6.00)
3 4            Point left across right, step left to side
5 6            Point right across right, turn ¼ right stepping forward on right (9.00)
7&8          Step left forward, pivot turn ¼ right, cross left over right (12.00)

Side, Behind, ¼ R, ½ Pivot R, Forward, 1¼ Turn L*
1 2           Step right to right side, cross left behind popping right knee
3 4           Step right forward turning ¼ R, step left forward (3.00)
5 6           Pivot ½ R, step left forward, (9.00)
7 8           Step right back turning ½ L, step left forward turning ¾ L* (6.00)
*The final ¼ of the turn L can be done as you step to the side to restart the dance at 6.00

Wall 1 after section 6 (after the drag back) facing 6.00
Wall 3 after section 6, facing 6.00
Wall 5 after section 6, dance 4 count tag, then restart the dance (6.00)

Tag – 4 counts – Wall 5
1 2&         Step right to right side, cross left behind right, step right to right side
3&4          Rock left forward, recover onto right, step left beside right pushing hips back (optional hands to mouth on count 4 « excuse my French »)

Dance ends at the front after section 6 of wall 6 (drag back)


Je Me Casse

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