Choregraphie par :  Colin Ghys (Bel) & Alison Johnstone (Nuline)

Description :              64 temps, 2 murs, Novice, Juillet 2020

Musique :                  Jerusalema from Master KG (Feat. Nomcebo) 4’14 – iTunes / Amazon

Info: Start the dance after 32 counts – No Tags/ No Restarts
(Beginner option to repeat 32 counts of dance only!!)

S.1 Stomp Lft, Heel bounces, Switch (&), Stomp Rt, Heel Bounces, Switch (&)
1-2-3-4&        Stomp Lft diagonally fwd, raise heel 3 times up and down (weight on Rt), Ball step Lft next to Rt (&)
5-6-7-8&        Stomp Rt diagonally fwd, raise heel 3 times up and down (weight on Lft), Ball step Rt next to Lft (&) (12:00)

S.2 Heel Switches Lft, Rt, Lft, Rt, Ball (&), Cross Lft over Rt ¼ over Lft, Side, Cross, Side (9.00)
1&2&             Lft Heel Fwd, Switch weight on Lft (&), Rt Heel Fwd, Switch weight on Rt (&)
3&4&             Lft Heel Fwd, Switch weight on Lft (&), Rt Heel Fwd, Switch weight on Rt (&)
5-6-7-8          Turn ¼ over Lft crossing Lft over Rt, Step Rt to Side, Cross Lft Over Rt, Step Rt to Side (9.00)

S.3 Touch Toe, Walk to Left, Touch Toe, Walk Back (9.00)
1-2-3-4          Touch Lft toe to Lft turning body to 7.30, Walk Lft, Rt, Lft
5-6-7-8          Touch Rt toe fwd squaring to 9 o’clock, Walk Back Rt, Lft, Rt

S.4 Step Side Lft, Hold, Ball (&), Side, Touch Clap, Side, Lft Together, Side, Lft touch Clap (9.00)
1-2&3-4         Step Lft side, Hold, Ball step Rt into Lft (&), Step Lft side, Touch Rt next to Lft with Clap
5-6-7-8          Step Rt to side, Step Lft together, Step Right to side, touch Lft next to Rt & Clap
(Option on 5-6-7-8 is to shimmy or chest pop as you step side together side touch)

(Beginners can simply repeat the above counts to have a 4 wall 32 count dance. Everyone will be dancing the same steps every Front and back wall)

S.5 Step Lft Fwd, Step Rt Fwd, Pivot ½ over Lft, Step R Fwd, Step Lft Fwd, Pivot ½ over Rt, Step L Fwd, Out (&) Out (9.00)
1-2-3-4          Step Lft fwd, Step Rt Fwd, Pivot ½ over Lft, Step Rt fwd (3.00)
5-6-7&8        Step Lft fwd, Pivot ½ over Rt, Step Lft fwd, Step Rt out diagonally (&), Step Lft out Diagonally (9.00)

S.6 Cross, Side, Behind, ¼ over Lft Step Fwd, Pivot ½, Pivot ½ (6.00)
1-2-3-4          Cross Rt over Lft, Step Lft Side, Cross Rt Behind Lft, ¼ over Lft Stepping fwd on Lft (6.00)
5-6,7-8          Step fwd on Rt, Pivot ½ over Lft, Step fwd on Rt, Pivot ½ over Lft

S.7 Run, Run (&), Run Fwd, Rock, Recover, Run, Run (&), Run Back, Rock, Recover
1&2 3-4         Run Fwd Rt, Lft (&), Rt, Rock fwd onto Lft, Recover on Rt
5&6 7-8         Run Back Lft, Rt (&), Lft, Rock Back onto Rt, Recover Lft

S.8 Step Side Rt, Hold, Ball (&), Side, Touch. Rolling Vine to Lft Cross (6.00)
1-2&3-4         Step Rt side, Hold, Ball step Lft into Rt (&), Step Rt side, Touch Lft into Rt
5-6-7-8          ¼ over Lft Step Lft fwd, ½ over Lft step Rt back, ¼ over Lft step Lft side, Cross Rt over Lft

Start Again and enjoy this dance 😉

NB This song is a huge Tik Tok hit with millions of varying routines. We have included some steps in the 1st 32 counts of this dance and then choreographed an IMPROVERS LINEDANCE that fits this great track of music whilst allowing instructors to have the option of teaching a BEGINNER LINEDANCE if they simply keep repeating the 1st 32 counts. If choosing this option then you will have all levels always dancing the front and back walls together at the same time…….smile and have fun 😉

CONTACT – Alison by e mail
CONTACT – Colin by e mail


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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