Choregraphie par :  Gail A.Dawson

Description :             32 temps, 3 murs, Novice, Février 2020

Musique :                  Jump by Switch

Intro – 16 Counts (just before the lyrics start)

Vine With A Heel Jack, Vine With A Heel Jack
1, 2&        R step to R, L step behind R, R step to R
3&4          L heel to L, L step beside R, R cross over L
5, 6&        L step to L, R step behind L, L step to L
7&8          R heel to R, R step beside L, L cross over R
***Restart Here on Wall 4 (facing 12 o’clock)

Rock, Recover, Triple Turn ½, Locking Step, Locking Step
1, 2           R rock forward, recover to L
3&4          R turn ½ to R (6 o’clock), L step beside R, R step forward
5&6          L step diagonally forward, R lock behind L, L step diagonally forward
&7            R step in diagonally forward, L lock behind R,
&8            R step diagonally forward, L step forward
***Restart Here on Walls 2, 6, & 9
Start facing 9 o’clock, restart facing 3 o’clock)

Rock, Recover, Rock, Recover, Step, Back, Back, Rock, Recover, Step
1, 2           R rock forward, recover to L
3&4          R rock back, recover L, R step back
5, 6           L step back, R step back
7&8          L rock back, recover to R, L step back

Rock, Recover, Triple Turn ½, Rock, Recover, Triple Turn ¾
1, 2           R rock back, recover to L
3&4          Triple step turning ½ to L, stepping R, L, R (12 o’clock)
5, 6           L rock back, recover to R
7&8          Triple step turning ¾ to R, stepping L, R, L (9 o’clock)

Wall 11 Start facing 12 o’clock at end of wall do a full turn to end in front

Contact: (free2bgad@gmail.com)


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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