Just a Two Steppin’

Choregraphie par :     Norman Gifford & Jo Thompson Szymanski 

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Juillet 2017

Musique :                   Joy’s Gonna Come in the Morning – Scooter Lee

Start on vocals

Alternate 2 Step Music:

I Should’ve Asked Her Faster Ty England ||Movin’ on Up Scooter Lee
How a Cowgirl Says Goodbye Tracy Lawrence ||Down at the Twist & Shout Scooter Lee
Light in the Winter Nancy Hays & the Heffernans ||He’s My Little Jalapino Scooter Lee
Just to See You Smile Tim McGraw ||It’s a Little Too Late Mark Chestnut
Ribbon o f Highway Scooter Lee ||Deep Water Garth Brooks
Amigo David Ball ||Put the Western Back Into Country Scooter Lee

(Walk, hold, walk, hold, mambo-step, hold)
1-4    Right step forward; hold; left step forward; hold
5-8    Right rock forward; left replace; right step slightly back; hold

(Steps back with holds, coaster-step, hold)
1-4    Left step back; hold; right step back; hold
5-8    Left step back; right together; left step forward; hold

(Slow « Charleston »)
1-2    Right kick (or touch) forward; pause
3-4    Right step slightly back; pause
5-6    Left touch back; pause
7-8    Left step slightly forward; pause

(Half-speed jazz-box turning ¼ right)
1-2    Right crossover; hold
3-4    Left step back; hold
5-6    Right step side turning ¼ right; hold
7-8    Left step slightly forward; hold [3:00}


Alternate steps for Section #2:
(Toe struts back, coaster-step, hold)
1-2    Left toe touch back; drop heel taking weight
3-4    Right toe touch back; drop heel taking weight
5-8    Left step back; right together; left step forward


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