Just Don’t Tell Me

Choregraphie par :  Jack Koopman, ( Frankie Ray Merchant )

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Janvier 2018

Musique :                  Don’t Tell Me What To Do, by Sparx

Starting after 16 counts

alt. Don’t tell me what to do, by Pam Tilles

Toe strut 2x, Side rock, Recover Cross over, Hold.
1        RF Step on toe to right side
2        RF Lower heel
3        LF Step on toe across R f
4        LF Lower heel
5        RF Rock to R side
6        LF Recover
7        RF Step across Lf
8        LF Hold

Toe strut 2x, Side rock, Recover, Cross over, hold
1        LF Step on toe to Left side
2        LF Lower heel
3        RF Step on toe across Lf
4        RF Lower heel
5        LF Rock to Left side
6        RF Recover
7        LF Step across Rf
8        RF Hold

Rock fwd, Recover, ¼ turn R, Side step, Across R, Montery ½ turn right.
1        RF Rock fwd
2        LF Recover
3        RF !/4 turn step R
4        LF Step across Rf
5        RF Touch to R
6        RF ½ turn Right
7        LF Touch to L
8        LF Step beside Rf

Diagonal Step lock step, Scuff, Right and Left.
1        RF Step fwd
2        LF Lock after Rf
3        RF Step fwd
4        LF Scuff
5        LF Step fwd
6        RF Lock after Lf
7        LF Step fwd
8        RF Scuff

Start again: many pleasure

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