Just Let Me Dance

Choregraphie par :  Joey  Warren

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Janvier 2020

Musique :                  Two Left Feet – M. Pokora

Notes: 1 Tag / 32 counts
*16 Count Intro on lyrics

Ball Step Half-Half, Behind & Cross, Tap-Press, Behind & Cross
&1-23       Ball step L back, Step R fwd, ½ Turn L taking weight on L, ½ Turn L stepping down on R and sweeping L front to back
4-&-5        Cross L behind R, Step R out to R, Cross L over R
6 – 7         Tap R out to R, Press R out to R a little further but leave weight over on L
8-&-1        Cross R behind L, Step L slightly back and out to L, Cross R over L

Tap-Press, Sailor Prep, Full Turn, ½ Turn Run Fwd
2 – 3         Tap L out to L, Press L out to L a little further leaving weight on R
4-&-5        Step L back behind R, Step R in place, Step L fwd (prepping to turn R)
6 – 7         ½ Turn R stepping slightly fwd on R, ½ Turn R stepping back on L
8-&-1        ½ Turn R running fwd R, L, R (now facing 6 o’clock)

Camel Steps, Mambo Side Step – Point Behind, ¼ Turn Step, ¼ Rock & Heel Grind
2 – 3         Step down on L as you pop R knee, Step down on R as you pop L knee
4-&-5        Rock fwd on L, Recover back on R, Step L out to L
6 – 7         Point R behind L, ¼ Turn R stepping R fwd
8&-12       ¼ Turn R rocking L to L, Recover to R, Grind L heel fwd, Recover weight on R

Heel Grind ¼ Turn, Ball Step Half Turn, Rock, Coaster Step
&-3-4        Ball step down on L, Grind R heel fwd, ¼ Turn R recovering weight down on L
&-5-6        Ball step R back beside L, Step L fwd, ½ Turn R stepping down on R
7-8&1       Rock fwd on L, Step back on R, Ball step L back beside R, Step R fwd

TAG- Ball Step ¼ Snap, ¼ Turn Snap, Step ¼ Snap, ¼ Turn Kick & Slide
&-1-2        Ball step L back, Step R fwd, ¼ Turn L snapping R fingers (weight on R)
3 – 4         ¼ Turn L stepping L fwd, Snap fingers count 4
5 – 6         Step R fwd, ¼ Turn L snapping R fingers (weight on R)
7-8&1       ¼ Turn L stepping L fwd, Kick R fwd, Step R beside L, Big step out to L with L

Step Together, Hip Bumps, Ball Step Slide, Hip Bumps
2&3&4      Step R beside L, Bump Hips/Pelvis Up, Back, Up, Back (weight ends R)
&-5-6        Ball step L slightly back, Big Step out to R with R, Touch L beside R
&7&8        Bump Hips/Pelvis Up, Back, Up, Back (weight stays on R)

Body Roll Back, Hold & Switch, Hold & Switch, Hold & Switch
1 – 2         Step back on L as you roll body from head down, Take weight on L touch R fwd
3-&-4        Hold count 3, Step R back beside L, Touch L toe fwd
5-&-6        Hold count 5, Step L beside R, Touch R toe out to R
7-&-8        Hold count 7, Step R beside L, Touch L toe out L, (slightly angled to R diagonal)

3 Count Body Roll, Ball Cross- Full Turn, Point Hold
1-2-3        Body Roll from head down start facing diagonal end taking weight L on 3
&4-56      Ball step down on R, Cross L over R, Full turn R over 5-6 taking weight on to R
7-8&1      Point L out to L, Hold count 8, Ball step back on L, Step R fwd (start of dance)

SEQUENCE: 32, Tag 9 o’clock, 32, 32, 32, Tag 12 o’clock, 32 Rest of way


Catégorie: Avancé, Chorégraphies

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