Just The Way Love Goes (P)

Choregraphie par :    Chester & Jac Steps Dance Club

Description :               48 temps, Partner, Septembre 2019

Musique  :                  I Love You Goodbye – Midland – 104 bpm

Man facing OLOD Double Hand Hold
Arms Crossed in front Right Hands on top
Opposite Footwork Throughout. Man’s Steps listed

Alternative track : Cheatin’ Songs – Midland 110bpm

Section 1 Vine,Cross Touch, Side Touch, Behind, Shuffle ¼ Turn Left
1-4               Step Left to Left side, step Right behind Left, step Left to Left, touch Right toe diagonally across Left.
5-6               Touch Right toe to Right side, step Right behind Left.
7&8              Left Shuffle ¼ Left (Lady turning under raised Right arms into Sweetheart facing LOD)

Section 2 Walk,Walk,Shuffle, Step ¼ Pivot,Triple in Place.
9-10            Walk forward Right, Left
11&12        Right Shuffle forward
13-14          Step Left forward, ¼ pivot Right OLOD
( Facing partner, Double Hand hold Right hand on top)
15&16       Triple in Place

Section 3 Turn into Windows, Shuffle, ½ Pivot, Shuffle
( Lady turns ¾ Left to face LOD, Man turns ¼ Right to face RLOD, taking both hands over Lady’s head & drop down into windows)
17-18         Step Right, Left Turning into windows.
19&20       Shuffle
21-22         Man Step Left forward, ½ Pivot Right Lady Right Rock back, recover Left
( Release Right hands, Left hands over Mans head, pick up Right hand in Sweetheart facing LOD )
23&24       Left Shuffle forward

Section 4, Walk, Walk,(Lady full Turn) Shuffle, Step forward touch, Step turn ¼ touch,
25-26         Walk forward Right, Left
( Lady full turn Right under raised Right arms back Into Sweetheart)
27&28       Right Shuffle forward
29-32         Step Left forward,Touch, Step turning ¼ Right Touch
(Take Right arm over Lady’s head, to start position )

Section 5 Step turn ¼ touch, shuffle, Rock Recover Shuffle back ( Lady shuffle ½ x 2 )
33-34          Step turning ¼ Left, Touch Right beside Left, LOD
35&36        Triple Right side
( Lady shuffle ½ turn right under raised Left arms )
37-38          Rock back Left Recover
39&40       Triple Left side
( Lady shuffle ½ turn left under raised Left arms back into Sweetheart )

Section 6 Rock, Recover, Walk Walk,(Lady full turn), Shuffle, ¼ Pivot
41-44         Rock back, Walk, Walk
( Lady full turn Right under raised Right arms back Into Sweetheart)
45&46       Forward shuffle .
47-48         Step ¼ Pivot Right
(Right hand over Lady’s head, facing OLOD Right Hand on top)

Note: From 27 to 42 Keep hold of both hands.

Smile and Start again.

E-mail: stepscwdc@gmail.com


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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