Keeping Faith Celtic

Choregraphie par :  Sophie Stevens (UK)

Description :             48 temps, 2 murs, Débutant valse, Novembre 2019

Musique :                   Faith’s Song by Celtic Woman

Music available on iTunes and

#24 Count Intro

S1: Cross Rock & Cross Rock,
1-2-3        Cross Right, Recover Left, Step Right to Right Side,
4-5-6        Cross Left, Recover Right, Step Left to Left Side,

S2: Cross Side, ¼ Turn Rock Back Recover, Full Turn,
1-2-3        Cross Right over Left, Step Left to Left Side, ¼ Turn Right,
4-5-6        Rock Back Right Recover, Full Turn Left (Stepping Right),

S3: Step, Sweep, Step, Sweep,
1-2-3        Step Left, Sweep Right,
4-5-6        Step Forward Right, Sweep Left,

S4: Walk, Walk, Rock Recover,
1-2-3        Step Forward Left, Step Forward Right,
4-5-6        Step Forward Left, Recover Back Right,

S5: Big Step Back, Big Step Back,
& 1-2-3    Bring Left Foot in & Big Step Back Right, Drag Left in,
4-5-6        Big Step Back Left, Drag Right in,

S6: Behind, ¼ Turn, Pivot ½ Turn,
1-2-3        Right Foot Behind Left Foot, Hold on count 2, Left Foot ¼ Turn to Left,
4-5-6        Step Forward Right, Pivot ½ Turn Left,

S7: Hips Side to Side, Step Left & Hold,
1-2-3        Move Hips from Side to Side; (Right, Left, Right),
4-5-6        Step Left to Left Side; (Put weight onto Left foot and Hold for count 5,6),

S8: Slide Right, Slide Left, Both with Open Arms (Optional).
1-2-3        Step Right to Right Side, Drag Left into Right (open arm Right),
4-5-6        Step Left to Left Side, Drag Right into Left (open arm Left).

Restart on Walls: 1, 2, 5 & 8, all after the Hips (Count 42).

Note: This is an adapted step sheet of “Keeping Faith” (Music by Amy Wadge) which I wrote in April 2018, now as a Waltz version to the music by Celtic Woman.


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