Kicking Off My Boots

Choregraphie par :  Andrina K Faulds, Scotland (UK)

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Débutant, Novembre 2019

Musique :                  Kicking Off My Boots by the Millwood Duo

#32 count intro – No Tags or Restarts

Section 1: Kick forward right and left, walk forward right and left, stomp forward right and left
1-2            Kick right foot forward (1), step right foot back in place (2)
3-4            Kick left foot forward (3), step left foot back in place (4)
5-6            Walk forward on right foot (5), Walk forward on left foot (6)
7-8            Stomp forward on right foot (7), Stomp forward on left foot (8)

Section 2: Monterey 1-4 right together, right jazz box
1,2,3,4      Touch right toe to right side (1), Step right foot in place making ¼ turn right (2), Touch left toe to left side (3), Step left foot in place (4)
5,6,7,8      Step right foot across left (5), Step left foot back (6), Step right foot to right side (7), Step left foot next to right (8)

Section 3: Right shuffle forward, left scuff forward, left shuffle forward, right scuff forward
1,2,3         Step forward on right foot (1), Close left foot besides right (2), Step forward on right foot (3)
4               Scuff left foot gently across floor (4)
5,6,7         Step forward on left foot (5), Close right foot besides left (6), Step forward on left foot (7)
8               Scuff right foot gently across floor (8)

Section 4: Figure of eight to your right or a grapevine right and left with a touch
1-8            Step right foot to right side (1), Cross Left foot behind right (2), Step right making 1/4 turn right (3), Step forward on left (4), Make 1/2 turn right stepping onto right foot (5), Made 1/4 turn right stepping onto left foot (6), Cross right foot behind left (7), Step left foot to left side (8)


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