Choregraphie par  :  Jef Camps (BEL) & Sophie Bonnaffoux (FR)

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Novembre 2020

Musique :                   Soul – Lee Brice

Intro – 16 counts

S1: Step Fwd, Hold, Ball, Step Fwd, Kick, Walks Back, Coaster Cross
1-2            RF step forward, hold (option: bodyroll)
&3-4         LF close next to RF, RF step forward, LF low kick forward
5-6            LF step back, RF step back (option: twist toes from opposite foot out while walking back)
7&8          LF step back, RF close next to LF, LF cross over RF

S2: ¼ Monterey Turn, Toe Switches, Close, Chasse, Touch Behind
1-2            RF point toes side, ¼ turn R & RF close next to LF
3&4          LF point toes side, LF close next to RF, RF point toes side
5-6&7       RF close next to LF, LF step side, RF close next to LF, LF step side
8               RF touch behind LF and look over L shoulder *Restart point*

S3: Side, Behind-Side-Cross, Side, Hip Bump, ¼ Recover, ¼ Chasse
1-2&3       RF step side, LF cross behind RF, RF step side, LF cross over RF
4               RF step side (option roll hip anti-clockwise towards R)
5               Lift L-heel and bump L-hip up (body slightly facing diagonal)
6-7&8       ¼ turn R & put weight back on LF, ¼ turn R & RF step side, LF close next to RF, RF step side

S4: Vaudeville, Step, ½ Pivot, 2x ¼ Paddle Turn, Walks Fwd
1&2&        LF cross over RF, RF step side, dig L-heel diagonally L-forward, LF close on ball next to RF
3-4            RF step forward, make ½ turn L putting weight on LF
5-6            ¼ turn L on LF & RF point side, ¼ turn L on LF & RF point side
7-8            RF step forward, LF step forward

Have fun

Restart: In wall 4 after 16 counts restart the dance from the top (6:00)



Kiss Your Soul

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