Learning About Love

Choregraphie par :  Rhoda  LAI

Description :            32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Mars 2016

Musique :                 I’m Learning About Love par Brenda LEE

Intro: 16 counts

Note: Restarts during Walls 3 and 6 (see below)

S1: R Out-clap, L Out-clap, R Coaster Step, L Kick-cross-back, Shuffle ½ L
1&2&      Step R to R diagonal pushing hips to R side, clap, step L to L diagonal pushing hips to L side, clap
3&4        Step back R, step L beside R, step forward R
5&6        Kick forward L, cross L over R, step back R pushing hips back
7&8        ¼ L stepping L forward, step R beside L, ¼ L stepping L forward (6:00)

S2: ¼ L R Side Rock, R Kick-cross, L Side-rock-cross, Hip Bumps RL, RLR
1&2&      ¼ L rock R to the side, recover onto L, kick R forward (a low kick), cross R over L (3:00)
3&4        Rock L to the side, recover onto R, cross L over R
56          Step forward R while bumping hips forward (weight on R), bump hips back (weight on L)
7&8        Bump hips forward, bump hips back, bump hips forward

S3: L Pivot ½ R – L Hitch, Boogie Walk LRL, R Charleston Steps, L Charleston Steps
1&2        Step forward L, pivot ½ R, hitch L knee (9:00)
3&4        Boogie walk LRL
*** Restart here during Walls 3 &6
56          Touch R forward, step back R
78          Touch L back, step forward L

S4: R Lock Steps, L Pivot ¼ R – L Cross, R Out-in-side, Tuck L Behind, Unwind ¾ L
1&2        Step forward R, lock L behind R, step forward R
3&4        Step forward L, pivot ¼ R, cross L over R (12:00)
5&6        Touch R to R side, touch R beside L, take a big step to the R side
78          Tuck L behind R, unwind ¾ L ending weight on L (3:00)

***Restarts: During wall 3 (6:00) & wall 6 (9:00), restart the dance after 20 counts (wall 3 at 3:00, wall 6 at 6:00)
Contact: rhoda_eddie@yahoo.ca – 1(647) 295-3833 – www.laidance.net




Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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