Choregraphie par :    Mona Akersveen Schützer (NOR) & Stefan Schützer (NOR)

Description :               32 temps, 2 murs, Novice, Mars 2021

Musique :                    Let Loose – Blåsemafian & Hazel

Sec. 1: (1-8) Walk, walk, touch R & L, step fwd, heel bounce
1-2            Walk RF fwd, walk LF fwd,
3&4&        Touch RF to R side, step RF beside L, touch LF to L side, step L beside R.
5-6            Long step fwd on RF, step L beside R. (Weight on both feet)
7&8&        Lift heels, drop down, Lift heels, drop down (end weight on LF)

Sec. 2: Chasse to R ¼-turn L (9 o’clock), chasse to L , rocking chair
1&2&        Step R to the side, step L beside R, step R to the side, ¼-turn L
3&4           Step L to the side, step R beside L, step L to the side
5-8            Rock R fwd, recover on L, Rock R bwd, recover on L

Sec. 3: Monterey ½ -turn R (3 o’clock), R sailer step, L sailer step
1-2            Point R to R side, ½ turn R with weight on LF, step down on RF
3-4            Point L to L side, step down in L
5&6           Step R behind L, step L to L side, step RF beside L
7&8           Step LF behind L, step RF to R side, step LF beside R

Sec. 4: Rock fwd, recover, ½-turn R (9 o’clock), step fwd R&L, heel bounce x2 while ¼-turn L(6 o’clock)
1-4            Rock RF fwd, recover on LF, ½-turn R, step RF fwd, Step LF fwd
5-6            Step RF fwd, hold,
7&8&        Lift both heels, drop down while 1/8-turn L, Lift both heels, drop down (1/8-turn L)
(Weight ends on LF)

Tag: 4 counts, after wall 4 (facing 12 o’clock)
Step RF fwd, slow ½-turn L (2-3), shift weight to LF (4) start from the top (facing 6 o’clock)

Contact info: Mona Akersveen Schützer Stefan Schützer



Let Loose

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