Choregraphie par :    Dag Alexander Wien (NOR)

Description :               32 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Mars 2021

Musique :                   Let Loose – Blåsemafian & Hazel

Tag: One easy 4 count tag after wall 4.

Intro: 16 Counts

Step fwd RF & LF, Shuffle fwd, Step fwd, 1/2R Pivot, Step fwd, 1/2R Pivot
1-2        Step RF fwd, step LF fwd, Step
3&4       Step RF fwd, step LF together, Step RF fwd
5-6        Step LF fwd, turn 1/2R and change weight to RF 06:00
7-8        Step LF fwd, turn 1/2R and end weight LF 12:00

(Step back-Touch) x2, Rock-Recover, Step back, Touch
1-2        Step RF back, touch LF a little bit in front of RF
3-4        Step LF back, touch RF a little bit in front of LF
5-6        Step RF fwd, change weight back to LF
7-8        Step RF together, touch LF beside RF

(V-step w/ turn) x2
1-4        Step LF L diag fwd, step RF to R side, turn 1/4L & step LF to L, touch RF beside LF 09:00
5-8        Turn 1/4R & Step RF R diag fwd, step LF to L side, turn 1/4R & step RF to R, touch LF beside RF 03:00

One Half figure of 8
1-4        Step LF to L, cross RF behind, turn 1/4L & step LF fwd, step RF fwd
5-8        Turn 1/4L & change weight to LF, Cross RF in front of LF, step LF to L, touch RF beside LF

Tag: 4 count circular hip roll
1           Touch RF to R & start a circular, clockwise motion with your hips
2-3        continue the hip roll
4           Finish the hip roll on your L hip & touch RF beside LF

RF – right foot
R – right

Have fun & Enjoy!


Let Loose

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