Let Me Be Your Love

Choregraphie par :   Sebastiaan  HOLTLAND

Description :             32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Avril 2017

Musique :                  Bishop Briggs – Be Your Love

Introduction: 16 counts, start on approx 15 sec. No Tags Or Restarts

Song Alternative: James TW – Crazy (Single 2016) (Introduction 8 counts)

Sec 1. [1-8] Toe Fan R, 1/8 Turn L, (Rise) with Arm Movement Fwd, Runs Back R, L, 1/8 Turn R, Side, Syncopated Sways L, R, ¼ Turn L, Step, Continue ½ Turn L with Hitch R, Runs Back R, L, R.
1&2      Swivel R toe to R (toe Fan R), Swivel R toe back to centre, Step L big diagonal forward (10.30) (rise while you reach out your both hands diagonally up spread fingers – Lift L leg a little bit up.
3&4      On diagonal stepping R back, Stepping L back, Making 1/8 turn R (12) step R to R.
(Note: While you dancing the above steps 3&4 across your both arms and hands in front of your chest (fingers spread).
5&6       Sway L to L, Sway R to R, Making ¼ turn L (9) step L forward, Continue a ½ turn L (3) and hitch R knee up.
(Note: 5&: Holding both arms and hands across in same position as above steps 3&4).
7&8       Stepping R back, Stepping L back, Stepping R back.

Sec 2. [9-16] Step, Lock, Step, Sweep R, Cross, 3/8 Turn R, Back, Side, Drag, 1/8 Turn L, Step, ¼ Turn L, Back, Continue ¼ Turn L, Side, Drag, Heel & Toe Swivel, ¼ Turn L, Step.
1&2      Step L forward, Lock R behind L, Step L forward and sweep R from back to front.
3&4      Step R across L, Making 3/8 turn R (7.30) step L back, Step R to R and drag on L.
5&6      Making 1/8 turn L (6) step L forward, Continue a ½ L (12) step R back, Step L to L and drag on R weight onto L.
7&8      Swivel R Heel to L, Swivel L toes to L, Making ¼ turn L (9) step L forward.

Sec 3. [17-24] Runs Back R, L, Back, Sweep L, Sailor Turn R, Step Back, Together (dip), Rising Kick R, Big Step Back, Heel Drag L, Back, ¼ Turn R, Side.
1&2      Stepping R back, Stepping L back, Step R back and sweep L from front to back.
3&4      Step L behind R, Making ¼ turn R (12) step R to R, Step L to L slightly forward.
5&6      Step R back, Step L beside R (dip), Rising kick R forward.
7          Step R big back and drag on L over heel.
8&        Step L back, Making ¼ turn R (3) step R to R.

Sec 4. [25-32] Cross Rock / Recover, ¼ Turn L, Side, ½ Pivot Turn L in Place, ¼ Walking Circle L Syncopated L, R, Step, Rise R, Replace, Recover, Stomps Out R, L (weight change).
1-2       Step L across R forward, Recover back onto R.
&3        Making ¼ turn L (12) step L to L, Step R forward making ½ turn L over R (6) keeping your weight onto R.
4&5      L + R walking ¼ circle L to 3 o`clock, Step L forward and rise your R leg up.
6          Step R back in place slightly forward.
7&8      Recover back onto L, Stomp R out to R, Stomp L out to L taking weight onto L.


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Catégorie: Intermédiaire

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