Let You Go

Choregraphie par :  Tim Johnson, José Miguel Belloque Vane, Jennifer Woolfries

Description :             34 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Octobre 2019

Musique :                  Lost Without You by Freya Ridings

No intro.

[1-8] R Side Rock, L full turn sweep, 1/8th cross recover full turn, arm raise, step back L, R L
1               Rock right to right side (1)
2&3          ¼ left stepping forward on left (2), ½ left stepping back on right (&) 3/8th left stepping side left sweeping right in front, to face 11:30 (3)
4&a5       Step weight down on right (4) recover on left (&) ½ right stepping forward on right, to face 5:30 (a) ½ right collecting left next to right keeping weight on right and start raising arms up (5) (facing 11.30)
6             Continue to raise both arms up with palms facing up in front to just above shoulder height (6)
7, 8&      Step back on left (7), back on right (8) back on left (&)

[9-16] R back rock, 1 3/8 turn sweep, cross side behind, step ¼, Arms cross out push, step back R, L R
1               Rock back on to right (1) (still facing 11:30)
2&3          1/8 left stepping side left (squaring up to 9 o’clock) (2), ½ turning over left shoulder stepping back on right (&), 3/4 left, stepping back on left & sweeping right fwd (3) (facing 6-o-clock)
4&a5        Cross right over left (4) step side left (&) step right behind left (a) ¼ left stepping fwd on left (5) (facing 3 o’clock)
6&7          Cross forearms in front of your chest (hands open, back of hands facing one another, forearms making an X) (6) uncross arms keeping hands at shoulder height palms facing out (&) step back on right pushing arms straight out in front at shoulder height (7)
8&           (lower arms) Step back left (8) step back right (&)

[17-24] ¼ L side lunge, R side, cross, ½ sweep, behind, side, spiral, Rock Fwd, back, Fwd RLR sweep L, L cross, back
1               ¼ lunge left to left side (1) (facing 12-o-clock)
2&3          Step side right (2) cross left over right (&) ½ over your left shoulder, stepping down on right & sweeping left behind (3) (facing 6-o-clock)
4&5          Cross left behind right (4) step side right (&) Step fwd left and full turn spiral over right shoulder keep weight on left (5)
6&7          Rock fwd right (6) rock back left (&) Rock fwd right sweeping left fwd (7)
8&            Cross left over right (8) step right to right side (&)

[25-34] L Back sweep, behind, ¼ L, ¾ L R Arabesque, back rock, recover, ¼ R side, push arms, sway L R L
1               Making 1/8 turn right to face 8:30, Step back on left sweeping right back (1)
2&3          Step right behind left (2) ¼ left stepping back on left (&) 3/4 left pivoting on left while raising right leg up behind in a low arabesque (3) (Facing 8:30)
4&5          Rock back right, squaring up to 9 o’clock (4) recover on left (&) ¼ left stepping side right Look down (5) (facing 6-o-clock)
6 7 8        looking up, Push arms out in front of you with palms facing out (6, 7, 8)
1 2           *Sway right (1) sway left (2)

*wall 4 – Restart dance missing the last 2 sways after count 32 (facing 12-o-clock)

Ending – At the end of wall 5 do the first 4& counts of the dance up to the cross rock recover then step ½ right to the front and raise arms up in front.

Smile and enjoy


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