Little Big

Choregraphie par :  Myra Harrold (Scotland)

Description :             64 temps, 2 murs, Intermediaire, Juin 2020

Musique :                  Uno by Little Big

Intro: 16 Counts

Sect:1 Weave 1/4 R,Step 1/2,Weave L
1,2,3,4        Rf To R,Lf Behind Rf,1/4 Turn R,Rf Fwd,Lf Fwd (3)
5,6,7,8        Pivot 1/2 R,Rf Fwd,Lf To L,Rf Behind Lf,Lf To L (9)

Sect:2 Cross Rock,Recover,Side,Hold,Cross Rock,Recover,1/4 Fwd,Hold
1,2,3,4        Cross Rock Rf Over Lf,Recover On Lf,Rf To R,Hold (9)
5,6,7,8        Cross Rock Lf Over Rf,Recover On Rf,Turn 1/4 L,Lf Fwd (6)

Sect:3 Step,Pivot 1/2 L,Kick,Step Back,Sit Back,Stand,Sit Back,Stand
1,2,3,4        Rf Fwd,Pivot 1/2 L,Lf Fwd,Rf Kick,Step Back (12)
5,6,7,8        Sit Back On R Hip,Stand Up,Sit Back On R Hip,Stand Up,Changing Weight To Lf (Push R Shoulder Back When You Sit Back) (12)

Sect:4 1/4,Kick Ball Point,Switch,Point,Hitch,Point,1/4
1,2,3&4      Rf Fwd,Pivot 1/4 L,Change Weight To Lf,Rf Kick,Step Down,Point L Toe To L (9)
&5,6,7,8     Close Lf To Rf,Point R Toe To R,Hitch Rf Across L Leg,Point R Toe To R,Pivot 1/4 R,(12)

Sect:5 Jazz Box 1/4,Jazz Box 1/4 (Shoulder Shimmy’s)
1,2,3,4        Cross Rf Over Lf,1/4 Turn R,Lf Back,Rf To R,Lf Fwd (3)
5,6,7,8        Cross Rf Over Lf,1/4 Turn R,Lf Back,Rf To R,Lf Fwd (6)

Sect:6 Side,Behind,Heel Jack,Hold,Ball,Heel Jack,Hold,Ball Cross,Hold
1,2&3,4       Rf To R,Lf Behind Rf,Rf To R,Dig L Heel To L,Hold (6)
&5,6&7,8    Close Lf To Rf,Dig R Heel To R,Hold,Close Rf To Lf,Cross Lf Over Rf,Hold (6)

Sect:7 1/4 L,1/4 L,Shuffle Fwd,Step,Pivot 1/2,Shuffle 1/2
1,2,3&4       Pivot 1/4 L,Rf Back,Pivot 1/4 L,Lf To L,Rf Fwd,Close Lf To Rf,Rf Fwd (12)
5,6,7&8       Lf Fwd,Pivot 1/2 R,Rf Fwd,Pivot 1/4 R,Lf To L,Close Rf To Lf,Pivot 1/4 R,Lf Back (12)

Sect:8 Rock Back,Recover,Stomp,Stomp,Monteray 1/2
1,2,3,4        Rock Rf Back,Recover On Lf,Stomp Rf Fwd,Stomp Lf Beside Rf (12)
5,6,7,8        Point R Toe To R,Pivot 1/2 R,Close Rf To Lf,Point L Toe To L,Close L Toe To Rf (6)

Tag: 32 Counts ,End Of Wall 2 Facing 12 O Clock
1-8              Stomp Rf Across Lf,Hold For 3 Counts,Step Lf Across Rf,Hold For 3 Counts (Travelling Fwd)

9-16            Repeat Above 8 Counts

17-24          Jazz Box 1/4 R,Jazz Box 1/4 R

25-32          Rock Rf,Recover Lf,Shuffle Back 1/2 R,Lf Fwd,Pivot 1/2 R,Rf Fwd,L Shuffle Fwd (Restart 6 O Clock)


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