Looking At The Moon

Choregraphie par :  Michelle RISLEY (UK)

Description :             64 temps, 4 murs, Novice, Mars 2018

Musique :                  Looking At The Moon – Lennie Gallant. Album: Open Window

Restart Wall 4 After Count 32

S1: Right Rhumba Box Forward, Left Rhumba Box Forward
1234      Right Side, Together, Right Forward, Hold
5678      Left Side, Together, Left Forward, Hold

S2: Right Rocking Chair, Full Pivot Over Left Shoulder
1234      Rock Forward On Right, Recover On Left, Rock Back On Right, Recover On Left
5678      Step Forward Right Pivot ½ Left, Make ½ Left Stepping Back On Right
Alternative For Count 5-8 Replace Pivots With Right Mambo Step

S3: Left Lock Back, Right Lock Back,
1234      Step Back On Left, Cross Right Over Left, Step Back Left, Hold (Or Small Kick Fwd)
5678      Step Back On Right, Cross Left Over Right, Step Back Right, Hold (Small Kick Fwd)

S4: Step Back, Touch Clap, Step Back, Touch Clap, Left Coaster Step
1234      Step Back Left, Touch Right In Place & Clap, Step Back On Right, Touch Left & Clap
5678      Step Back On Left, Together With Right, Step Forward Left, Hold
Restart: Wall 4 Facing 3oc After 32 Counts.

S5: Right Heel Strut, Left Side Rock, Left Heel Strut, Right Side Rock
1234      Right Heel Strut Forward, Side Rock Left, Recover On Right,
5678      Left Heel Strut Forward, Side Rock Right, Recover On Left

S6: Right ¼ Turn Jazz Box Cross, Weave – Side, Behind, Side, Cross
1234      Cross Right Over Left, ¼ Right Step Back Left, Right Side, Cross Left Over Right
5678      Right Side, Left Behind, Right Side, Cross Left Over Right (3oc)

S7: Right ¼ Monterey Turn, Right ¼ Monterey Turn
1234      Point Right To Right Side, ¼ Turn Right, Point Left To Side, Together (6oc)
5678      Point Right To Right Side, ¼ Turn Right, Point Left To Side, Together (9oc)

S8: ‘K Step’ – Diagonal Step Right Forward Clap, Back Clap, Back Clap, Forward Clap
1234      Step Forward Right Diagonal, Touch Left & Clap, Step Left Back Dia, Touch & Clap
5678      Step Back Right Diagonal, Touch & Clap, Step Forward Left, Touch & Clap (9oc)

Start Again!

Enjoy And Never Stop Looking At The Moon ! Xx


Catégorie: Chorégraphies, Novice

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