Lost In Her Eyes

Choregraphie par :   Gwen Walker & Jenny Brown

Description :              32 temps, 4 murs, Intermediaire, Janvier 2019

Musique :                   Lost by Hunter Brothers

#16 count Intro……..No Tags or Restarts

[1-8] R side rock, recover & L side rock recover, & R forward rock recover, R coaster
1 2 &      Rock R to right side, recover L, step R beside L(&).
3 4 &      Rock L to left side, recover R, step L beside R(&).
5- 6        Rock R forward, recover L,
7&8        Step R back, step L back beside R, step R forward .

[9-16] L step ½ turn, ½ turn L triple, R lock triple back, L coaster
1-2        Step L forward, pivot ½ turn right, weight on R(6:00)
3&4       Step L ¼ turn right, step R beside L, step L back ¼ turn right (12:00)
5&6       Step R back, lock step L over R, step R back.
7&8       Step L back, step R beside L, step L forward(12:00)

[17-24] Turn left ¼ , ¼, R crossing triple, L side rock recover, behind side forward
1-2        Step R ¼ left (9:00), step L ¼ left (6:00)
3&4       Step R across L, step L to left side, step R across L
5-6        Rock L to left side, recover to R
7&8       Step L behind R, step R to right side, step L forward(6:00)

[25-32] R triple forward, L rock forward recover, full turn left, ¼ L sailor
1&2       Step R forward, step L beside R, step R forward
3-4        Rock L forward, recover R
5-6        Step L ½ turn left(12;00), step R back ½ turn left (6:00)
7&8       Step L ¼ turn left behind R, step R to right side, step L to left side (3:00)

Dance finishes at 12:00 wall after the first 16 counts on wall 9.

Have Fun and Dance from the Heart with JOY!!

Gwen Walker: gkwdance@gmail.com
Jenny Brown: jdb_in_ar@yahoo.com


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